Dover woman’s bandana business goes to the dogs

Dover woman Cheryl Young shows off one of the creations from her Best Friend Bandanas. (Delaware State News photo/Dave Chambers)

Dover woman Cheryl Young shows off one of the creations from her Best Friend Bandanas. (Delaware State News photo/Dave Chambers)

DOVER — Dover resident Cheryl Young is aiming to help pet owners resolve a problem they hope to never face — finding their lost dogs.

Best Friend Bandanas, which offers custom bandanas that have the pet’s name and owner’s contact information embroidered on them, is her solution for those situations.

“When you find a dog you either have to get close to it or find a (phone) number on a collar,” Ms. Young said.

“Some people may be afraid to get close to the dog. With the bandanas you can see the contact information clearly.

This way you can call someone immediately.”

She started the business this past spring.

But Ms. Young’s overall goal for her business is to help support low-cost veterinarian services in Kent and Sussex counties.

“My husband Frank was at the vet one day and there was an older gentleman, who had a small dog, who couldn’t afford the shots,” Ms. Young said.

Holly models a bandana which shows her owner's contact information. (Submitted photo/Cheryl Young)

Holly models a bandana which shows her owner’s contact information. (Submitted photo/Cheryl Young)

“He was trying to give his dog away and find a good home for it. From there I realized I had to do something.

“I think a lot people don’t have animals because they can’t afford the veterinarian bills.”

That’s when she came up with the idea for the business.

Forty percent of the proceed go to veterinarian services that offer basic pet care for a low cost.

Safe and Sound Pet Care, a mobile unit that sets up clinics on weekends in Kent and Sussex County, is Ms. Young’s first beneficiary.

They make house calls for a low fee, offering basic sick and well visits, vaccinations, along with flea and heartworm preventions.

“They’re great,” Ms. Young said. “They’re all professionals and I just want to help services like that any way that I can.”

Mr. Young agreed.

“She’s really looking for a way to help these people that aren’t able to afford high veterinarian costs,” Mr. Young said.

“She’s really passionate and that’s what it’s all about.”

Ms. Young said business has been slow, but it’s starting to pick up.

“So far I’ve probably done about 25 bandanas,” Ms. Young said.

But her long-term goal is to eventually support other low-cost veterinarian clinics.

“My hope is that it will keep their supply cost low, which may help in keeping their services low to the public,” Ms. Young said.

“With all of our help, we can make pet care affordable, allowing our pets to live the full and healthy lives they deserve.”

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