Dover’s Arrey provides life balance through new book

Linda Arrey of Dover says “Mothers shouldn’t work tirelessly and feel as though they failed to find the time to take some personal time or enjoy their loved ones. Balance is the key to everything in life.” (Submitted photo)

DOVER — Linda Arrey-Mbi Nkwenti of Dover, best known as Linda Arrey, is a certified life and leadership coach; philanthropist; speaker; an active-duty captain serving as the chief information officer at the 436th Medical Group, Dover Air Force Base; CEO of her own company; wife; mother of two daughters; and now a published author.

For someone who wears many different hats, having balance is what she credits as the key to life.

“I’m not Superwoman,” Mrs. Arrey said.

“I want to change the narrative that society puts on working mothers,” said Mrs. Arrey, owner of Linda Arrey Global, LLC, and CEO/president of Women in Leadership Development and Empowerment Inc., a philanthropic organization of professional women from diverse backgrounds and birth.

“Mothers shouldn’t work tirelessly and feel as though they failed to find the time to take some personal time or enjoy their loved ones. Balance is the key to everything in life.”

Upon becoming a mother, she has long advocated for the discovery of balance and compassion for working moms thriving at home and in the workplace.

Her recent publication “Memoirs of a Working Mother: Fighting for Balance, Managing Expectations and Channeling Love,” reveals among other things, the challenges and triumphs of returning to work after childbirth, battling with fibroids, finding balance with family and above all else, the quest to love the reflection in the mirror through a robust offering of stories, strategies and anecdotes.

“Balance is one thing I think everyone should strive for,” Mrs. Arrey said.

“It takes a lot of planning and dedication, but once you’re able to set aside time to get everything you want to get done, it becomes easier. But it is a challenge trying to complete certain tasks throughout the day. There are only 24 hours in day so you have to plan accordingly.”

Mrs. Arrey self-checks and evaluates her tasks throughout the day to maintain her balance.

Ms. Arrey’s book “Memoirs of a Working Mother,” is available at

“I set a timeline for everything,” Mrs. Arrey said.

“If I’m doing 12 hours of work that means that I’m doing too much. I take a step back and prioritize the most important goals that need to be accomplished for the day and go from there. I try to do nine hours of work and five hours of personal time and try to get a least eight hours of sleep if possible.”

“But when you have kids sometimes those plans change,” she added.

“My family is my number one client, so I make sure they come first. I make sure it’s something that works for me. I think people need to understand that we aren’t Superwoman. Society wants us to have that notion. We are soft and vulnerable and we can do it all as well, but sometimes we just need that time to ourselves to get everything back in order.”

When she does spend time with her husband and children, she enjoys cooking, traveling and shopping online.

“We love the beach,” Mrs. Arrey said. “We also may just sit in the house and listen to music. I enjoy being with my husband and playing with our kids. It’s the little things that I like.”

Mrs. Arrey relocated to Dover with her family from Atlanta this spring while putting the finishing touches to her book.

She celebrated her accomplishment by hosting a meet and greet, signing and panel discussion of local professional women to share their experiences on Saturday.

She said the book has received a lot of great feedback so far.

“People are really enjoying it,” Mrs. Arrey said.

“I think it’s a very relateable topic that mothers go through. People have left testimonials or comments on my website saying how much they related to the book. I think its good hearing someone else go through the same things you are going through, which is why I think people have gravitated towards the book so much.”

Her book may be ordered at

Arshon Howard is a freelance writer living in Dover.

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