Elderly/disability tax exemption deadline extended

DOVER — Commissioners voted to extend the deadline for the elderly/disability tax exemption Tuesday.

Referring to the economic impact the coronavirus crisis has had on the economy, Kent County residents may continue to submit applications for the Elderly/Disability Tax Exemption through the mail or drop them off and leave them in the designated vehicle parked in front of the county’s Administrative Complex.

The date was extended as far as possible to still allow time to prepare for the new fiscal year. This decision does not change the deadline for the School Property Tax Exemption.

Normally, tax forms are a part of the application, but realizing that some residents may prefer not mail them, arrangements can be made with the Tax Office. For guidance, call 302-744-2401. An application with a complete list of qualification requirements can be found at: co.kent.de.us/media/967322/2020-EXEMP-APP.pdf.