Millsboro Night Out a treat for Halloween hundreds

The Hicks family from Long Neck attended the Millsboro Night Out on Halloweeen. From left, Dale Hicks, Samantha Hicks, holding three-month-old daughter Carolann, and Adrian Hicks. (Delaware State News/Glenn Rolfe)

MILLSBORO — Spooks, goblins and other costumed creatures were out in full force Halloween night in Millsboro.

If candy and goodie stash is an accurate gauge, the ninth annual Millsboro Night Out will go down in the police blotter as a huge success.

Several hundred trick or treaters accompanied by parents or adults funneled through the two-hour event staged in the parking of the Millsboro Town Center.

“I was anticipating 400 and we’re about an hour in and we’ve just about reached our 400,” said Millsboro Police Chief Brian Calloway. “We had 450 bags of candy. I am sure right now … we are going to reach that limit. I’m almost going to guarantee that.”

Members of Millsboro Fire Company Station 83 offered candy and inside looks of Rescue 83 at the event, facilitated by the Millsboro Police Department through efforts of patrolwoman Liana Dodson.

Long Neck residents Samantha and Adrian Hicks passed on candy and edible goodies for their 3-month-old daughter Carolann, who does not yet have her baby teeth. So, for Carolann’s first Halloween they opted for a free glowstick handed out at the Kim Benton State Farm Insurance tent.

Millsboro Fire Company member Dylan Ebke helps a youngster down the steps following a tour of Rescue 83 during Millsboro’s Halloween Night Out event.

“This is where we wanted to be,” said Ms. Hicks. “We actually looked up to see what was going on in Millsboro and we saw the police department was putting something on. So that is why we came out.

“Everything is all in one nice little spot,” said Mr. Hicks.

Halloween 2018 marked Kim Benton State Farm’s first time participating in Millsboro Night Out. It probably will not be the last.

“We are really appreciative of the police department and the fire company really trying to encourage community in Millsboro. That is something that is new over the past several years. And that is something that is really near and dear to our hearts, giving back to the community and creating that sense,” said Ms. Benton. “So, any time that there is an event like this in the town we try to participate so that we can be considered in that picture when everyone is thinking about the town of Millsboro.”

Ms. Benton added, “There are a lot of areas in town that we wish we were probably a little safer, and so for the kids to be able to leave those areas and come here is certainly a blessing.”

It was a double delight for many trick or treaters, who only had to venture about a half block east on Wilson Highway to the Wesleyan Church of Millsboro’s annual Trunk or Treat, annually a huge event.

Fifteen-month-old Emma Pham, in the arms of mom Rachel Pham, enjoys her first Millsboro Night Out.

“That has been an event that has been going on for many years. It has got to be so big and packed, that we (police) are now directing out there to help out so all the kids can get their candy and be safe,” Chief Calloway said.

“This actually turned out a lot better than I anticipated. We’re always grateful to have the Millsboro Fire Company here … blowing the fire engine horn. And I love seeing the kids in costume,” said Chief Calloway.

“It’s just another way for our police department to interact with our community, so they can see us outside of our police cars and see that we are people of our community. In law enforcement, it’s not what you can do to people, it’s what you can do for people. That is one of the things that our agency takes pride in.”

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