Promotion in Correction Department announced

DOVER — The Department of Correction announced Monday Bureau of Community Corrections Regional Probation and Parole Manager Rick Figurelle has been promoted to statewide probation and parole director.

In this role, he will direct the four regional Probation and Parole offices that together oversee probation and parole, pretrial services, electronic monitoring and other supervision programs for more than 12,000 individuals who are on pretrial supervision or are serving probationary sentences in the community.

Mr. Figurelle replaces Terra Taylor, who was promoted to deputy chief of the Bureau of Community Corrections last year.

“Rick is a seasoned professional who brings more than three decades of knowledge, experience and proven success to this statewide leadership position,” Bureau Community Corrections Chief Marvin Mailey said in a statement.

“I am pleased that he will hit the ground running as we work to employ modern best-practice supervision and intervention techniques to strengthen our community supervision and support our reentry mission.”

Mr. Figurelle has spent his entire 34-year career at the Department of Correction, including the past 13 years in his most recent role. He also serves on the State Occupational Licensing Committee, which focuses on reducing barriers for occupational licensing and certification for offenders.