Young, bilingual author has write stuff

Máximo César Castellanos, 11, of Georgetown, shows off the collection of books he has written and illustrated. He has published seven books in both English and Spanish.

GEORGETOWN — Eleven-year-old Máximo César Castellanos is far from your average kid. He never envisioned himself being anything but an author even at an early age.

At the age of 3, Máximo began creating stories through drawings. At the age of 4, he discovered the comics. Once he learned to read and write, he began to write chapter books.

“It’s what I always aspired to be,” Maximo said. “When I was little, I always wished to be an author. I always read books and thought one day that I could write a book as well.”

Máximo was able to achieve his dream of becoming an author sooner than expected in a big way. He has written seven books in both English and Spanish.

“I was 6 years old when I wrote my first book,” the Georgetown resident said.

“The process has been somewhat the same from the beginning. First, I wrote the book, then I drew the illustrations, then I translated it. After we edited it, finally, we published it.”

His latest release “Dr. Pren and the Days of his Childhood” is about a mysterious man who lives in a cabin in a small town near the beach. Across the street from the cabin is a bar. A young man called George, who works in the bar, loses a bet and has to ask the mysterious man in the cabin everything about his life.

Máximo said the book is different from his previous work.

“When I started writing ‘Dr. Pren,’ I started out with several different story ideas,” Máximo said.

“The second book in the series was the original story about Dr. Pren. I started to write another story and another story and then I decided to combine all these stories into a five-book series about Dr. Pren.”

“Dr. Pren and the Days of his Childhood” is the latest book published by Maximo. The English and Spanish versions are available at and

Máximo credits his parents for teaching him Spanish. The bilingual author said he wrote his latest book in Spanish first and then translated it to English.

“The writing process took one month,” Máximo said. “It took about six months to edit both books. It was important to make a Spanish edition as well because it helps me expand my Spanish vocabulary.

“Also, if I write my stories in English and Spanish, my stories can reach more people.”

Máximo said he’s ecstatic about the positive feedback that “Dr. Pren and the Days of his Childhood” has received so far.

“My family is very happy and proud of me,” he said. “A number of people have congratulated me for having published another book. I’ve been interviewed by several people to talk about my book, my writing process, and about me. It’s been a great time.”

Máximo said he plans to write as much as he can for years to come.

Máximo César Castellanos’ latest release “Dr. Pren and the Days of his Childhood” is about a mysterious man who lives in a cabin in a small town near the beach.

“I already have a lot of ideas for future stories,” he said. “

Many things I see around me, many places I have been to, and many books that I read inspire me. I am driven by a desire to share my stories with the entire world.”

Both the English and Spanish (“Dr. Pren y los Días de su Infancia”) versions of the book are available for sale for $15 on and also on

Arshon Howard is a freelance writer living in Dover.