2017 Milford theft case brings arrest

Tiara Schneider

MILFORD — A 27-year-old Ellendale woman was arrested in connection with a 2017 internal theft case at an area business, Milford Police said.

According to authorities, Tiara Schneider was charged with theft under $1,500 after the business was audited and reports showed it was short several hundred dollars of product. Investigation revealed that management reviewed the surveillance footage to determine where the shortage was occurring from, police said.

Management allegedly observed Tiara Schneider conducting transactions where she would select an option on the cash register that opened the register and then would set customer’s money to the side and give them change from the register. Then Ms. Schneider would allegedly place the customer’s money in her pocket or a bag that she had, authorities claimed. Management also alleged that Schneider stole merchandise from the store as well, police said.

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