26-year-old motorist arrested on 4th felony drunken drive charge

Dequian L. Flamer

DOVER — A 26-year-old Clayton motorist nearly struck another vehicle while changing lanes before being arrested on a felony drunking driving charge last week, police alleged in charging documents.

A Delaware State Police trooper on routine patrol in a fully marked police vehicle said he first saw Dequian L. Flamer, of the 100 block of Shorts Corner, driving a late model Sedan on U.S. 13 near Lochmeath Way at approximately 8:40 a.m. on Jan. 25 when a collision almost occurred near a Shore Stop in south Dover.

A traffic stop followed, and Mr. Flamer was found to be the vehicle’s lone occupant, police said. After the officer detected an alcoholic beverage odor on the driver’s breath, according to court documents, field tests for possible impairment were conducted.

The trooper determined that Mr. Flamer allegedly showed clues of impairment during three tests, including horizontal eye test, a walk and turn and one leg stand. The driver refused to take a preliminary breath test, police said.

A blood draw warrant was obtained, police said, and administered at 10:13 a.m. at Bayhealth-Kent General Hospital in Dover.

Police said Mr. Flamer was convicted of DUI in 2015 and twice in 2016.

Charges included fourth offense DUI of alcohol, misdemeanor driver’s license suspended/revoked and failure to carry required insurance, and an inattentive driving violation.

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