Dirtbike operator charged with felony after police chase

DOVER — A 22-year-old Dover man was charged with a felony after his dirtbike crashed into a vehicle on Nov. 8 and he then fled the scene, according to police in court papers.

Dover Police identified Jeffrey O. Tolsen, of the first block of Heritage Drive, as a suspect and arrested him on Nov. 12, documents said.

He was charged with disregarding a police officer’s signal, leaving the scene of a collision and resisting arrest, along with four alleged traffic-related violations.

According to police in an arrest affidavit, the collision at 5:59 p.m. on Ann Avenue caused over $500 in property damage.

The alleged incident unfolded after officers were called to the area of Ann Avenue and Walker Road for dirtbikes reportedly riding through the streets, papers said.

An officer arrived at the scene and saw two persons on red and black dirtbikes stopped on the Ann Avenue sidewalk, according to the affidavit.

Both operators fled on their dirtbikes after police activated emergency equipment on a fully marked patrol car, authorities said.

Later, an officer watched as a vehicle turning left onto Ann Avenue was struck by a red dirtbike, which was traveling with a black dirtbike, neither with headlights, police said in papers.

The officer again activated his emergency equipment, according to the affidavit, and the red dirtbike’s operator fled on foot. The red dirtbike was abandoned in the middle of Ann Avenue, police said.

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