Dover man gets 100 months in drug conviction

WILMINGTON – A 44-year-old man was sentenced to 100 months in federal prison for distributing and possessing with the intent to distribute heroin, the U.S. Attorney’s Office District of Delaware announced Monday.

Cornelius Riley was convicted by a jury in May. According to spokeswoman Kim Reeves he had sold an ounce of heroin to an undercover officer in January 2018. He then made arrangements to sell an additional 4.5 ounces of heroin to the same undercover officer later that week, authorities said.

On the day of the sale, Riley was arrested at the agreed-upon place, at the agreed-upon time, and with the agreed-upon amount of heroin in the back of his car, according to a news release. Forensic chemical analysis of the substance showed that the heroin was mixed with a deadly fentanyl analogue, furanyl fentanyl, Ms. Reeves said.

“The Court’s sentence reflects the seriousness of Mr. Riley’s actions and the harm he posed to society,” said U.S. Attorney District of Delaware David C. Weiss.

“Riley was responsible for injecting a large amount of heroin into the Delaware community. His crime was made more dangerous by the fact that the heroin Riley sold was laced with a deadly fentanyl analogue.

“We will continue to aggressively investigate and prosecute drug dealers, and those who are responsible for selling this poison to the community should expect to face serious punishment.”