Dover man receives added work release after probation violations


DOVER — A Dover man properly received approximately three additional months of work release after repeated curfew violations and illicit drug use while on probation for a shooting three years ago, a judge ruled Wednesday.

Alex Joseph was on home confinement when the alleged infractions occurred, according to Superior Court Judge Jeffrey J. Clark, which warranted probation being revoked and the resentence. He had earlier pleaded guilty to shooting a man multiple times on Sept. 4, 2015, which brought a two-year prison sentence, followed by a year of Level IV home confinement and year of Level III probation, according to the three-page order.

In a motion for sentence modification, the order stated, Joseph emphasized “that while incarcerated, he posed no disciplinary problems.

“He also emphasizes that while he was on home confinement, he had secured employment. He also emphasizes what he alleges is a stable household and supporting family. Finally, his written motion alleges that he seeks to start classes at Wilmington University during the spring semester. He seeks a modification of his sentence to either Level III probation or to home confinement in lieu of work release.”

Alex Joseph

Judge Clark described the sentence for violation of probation as properly reflecting “all circumstances relevant to his resentencing.

“Those circumstances included the extremely violent nature of the underlying offense and the Court’s significant concern that he abide by conditions of his probation to prevent future similar conduct. In its sentence, the Court also considered the fact that Mr. Joseph’s violations began accruing within three months after his release to home confinement.”

Mr. Joseph was 22 years old when arrested, according to Dover Police at the time.

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