Ex-Fenwick police chief charged with falsifying records

FENWICK ISLAND (AP) — A former police chief in Fenwick Island has been indicted on charges that he falsified firearm certification records that qualified him to be a law enforcement officer.

William Boyden, who resigned this year after 13 years as the chief of Fenwick Island police, was indicted last week on charges of official misconduct and falsifying business records, according to the Associated Press.

The official was accused of submitting false reports about his firearm certifications and qualifications to the Delaware Council on Police Training, according to the indictment.

The indictment did not state what the firearm training requirements were, but prosecutors allege the records Mr. Boyden submitted falsely stated he received firearm certification from the council, allowing him to remain as chief of police “to his own personal benefit.”

The AP could not immediately reach Mr. Boyden for comment.

Acting Fenwick Police Chief John Devlin declined to comment further on Mr. Boyden’s resignation, but said he had been acting chief for “about three months.”

The misdemeanor charges carry up to a year in prison and $2,300 in fines. No attorney was listed in Mr. Boyden’s court files, reported the AP.