Harrington-area ‘New Year, New You’ sweep nets 14 arrests

HARRINGTON — A multi-agency fugitive sweep last Friday brought 14 arrests on seemingly minor unresolved charges, but charges nonetheless.

The operation Harrington Police dubbed the roundup “New Year, New You.”

The apprehensions largely involved capiases and warrants for traffic violations and failure to pay shoplifting fines from offenders in the Harrington area, spokesman Capt. Earl K. Brode said. Active warrants were also tracked down in Dover and Milford as well.

“Some people think if you don’t show up for a court appearance or ignore a notice it will go away or be forgotten,” Capt. Brode said. “This is a reminder that no matter how minor someone may think an issue is, if you get a ticket or have a court date that gets ignored, we will try to find you.

“We want people to understand that it’s not going away.”

The operation ran from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. and involved approximately 25 officers from Harrington, Greenwood, Felton, Frederica and Wyoming working in teams, along with Probation and Parole.

“It’s nice to know you have the support of other law enforcement partners and we would definitely help them out in the same way if called upon,” Capt. Brode said.

Harrington Police Sgt. Richard Baker orchestrated the proceedings, and a previously scheduled Justice of the Peace Court 2 judge was ready to handle arraignments via video phone, police said.

Most detainees were released on unsecured bonds ranging from $50 to $2,100 pending future court appearances.

A wanted 34-year-old Harrington man with an outstanding warrant and capias in the Court of Common Pleas was committed to Sussex Correctional Institution in Georgetown in default of a $20,500 cash only bond. A 40-year-old Harrington man with an outstanding warrant was sent to SCI on a $70 cash only bond.

All but two of the arrestees were from Harrington; the others hailed from Felton and Milford.

Officers worked from a fugitive list of 140 to 150 and attempted to knock on every door possible.

“Everybody that we came into contact with was quite cooperative and there were no attempts to flee or resist,” Capt. Brode said.

Capt. Brode said there’s no timetable for the next planned sweep, which could come a couple years from now or perhaps much sooner than that.