Joint police operation leads to 50-plus arrests

DOVER — Operation Rise-N-Shyne, a monthslong coordinated response by law enforcement into allegedly connected criminal activity in Dover, brought several dozen arrests and indictments as of this week, city police announced Thursday morning.

The multi-agency operation, which took place in six states, ran from June through mid-November, capped by a warrant roundup, authorities said. Undercover and surveillance operations were conducted during the investigation.

More than 50 people were arrested in the probe and 39 indictments secured so far, Dover police said. Delaware Probation and Parole was actively supervising 20 involved suspects at the time, police said.

According to Dover Police Chief Thomas Johnson Jr., as a result of the operation, “Dover is a safer place. It’s continuing to get safer, but our work is nowhere near done.

“To be candid, it will never be done because you have to maintain that reality of safety through continued effort, but everybody should feel a little bit more that, hey, you know what, we’re starting to emerge from what was a pretty terrible period in the city’s history, as far as the amount of violence we were seeing, and we’re going to keep doing our due diligence, and we’re going to keep everybody informed, so they know.”

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings said, “The kind of coordination brought together in (this operation) makes all the difference in disrupting criminal enterprises, and make no mistake, operations like this save lives.

”The seizure of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine, heroin, drug money and, in particular, dozens of guns prevents untold tragedy,” she added.

Of the 45 individual defendants referenced in the announcement, 31 were from Dover. There were three each from Frederica and Camden, while others resided in Wilmington, Lincoln, Magnolia, Harrington, Felton and Frankford.

The operation arose based on information gathered during arrests made in early 2020, Dover police said. Chief Johnson said information gained from the operation may assist in other ongoing cases, including a record-setting eight fatal shootings and other violent incidents in 2020.

Marquise A. Mack

Police said that one of the key suspects is Marquise A. Mack, 38, of Dover, who was reportedly supplying large amounts of ecstasy from the Atlanta area to Kent County. He was charged with 38 counts of drug-dealing, 31 counts of second-degree conspiracy and 17 counts of second-degree criminal solicitation, among other offenses.

According to information provided by Dover police, defendants faced a multitude of charges including drug-dealing, second-degree conspiracy, criminal solicitation, aggravated possession of a controlled substance, endangering the welfare of a child, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin, illegal gang participation and more.

While more than 260 felony and 28 misdemeanor charges resulted, the number could rise as the investigation continues, wanted persons are apprehended and arrests made, according to police.

There were 28 firearms and $22,679 in cash allegedly tied to drug proceeds seized, police said. Drug seizures (and approximate weights) included:
• More than 15,000 doses of ecstasy.
• 72 grams of MDMA powder.
• 3.675 grams of heroin.
• 1,058.49 grams of marijuana.
• 41.4 grams of cocaine/crack cocaine.

Operation Rise-N-Shyne’s activity reached into Maryland, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia, where authorities said arrests were made, as well. According to police, affected criminal organizations involved the G-Shine Bloods, Mob Piru Bloods, 48-Gang and Sex, Money, Murder Bloods. Not all of the arrestees were connected to the groups, police said.

Dover police hosted a virtual news conference to announce the operation and its results Thursday.

Law enforcement organizations involved in Operation Rise-N-Shyne included the Dover Police Department Drug Unit, the Delaware State Police Kent and Sussex County Drug Units, the FBI, the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Delaware Department of Correction Probation and Parole and the U.S. Marshals Service.