Md. man faces robbery charges


DOVER — A Maryland man is facing nine felony counts and a misdemeanor regarding two robbery indictments returned by a Kent County Grand Jury on Monday.

Vontaye L. Gilbert, 36, of Chestertown, was arrested by the Smyrna Police Department on Jan. 7, 2016, just after an alleged first-degree robbery at a Little Caesar’s restaurant on Jimmy Drive, authorities said.

Also indicted were two alleged first-degree robberies on Dec. 13 and Dec. 24, 2013. Three wearing a disguise during a commission of a felony counts resulted as well.

Mr. Gilbert was also charged with three counts of aggravated menacing after investigation into the alleged incident at Little Caesar’s, and a misdemeanor theft charge regarding currency, police said.

The indictment claimed that Mr. Gilbert displayed what appeared to be a deadly weapon, a handgun, during alleged robberies.

Mr. Gilbert was initially held by the Department of Correction after a bond was issued at Justice of the Peace Court.

Deputy Attorney General Marie Graham signed the indictment for the state.

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