New Middletown police chief ready to serve growing community

MIDDLETOWN — Michael Iglio continues looking forward in his growing community and address safety concerns associated with it.

Middletown’s new police chief has lived in the southern New Castle County town during the 20 year transformation from a quiet small town to a fast growing metropolis of over 20,000 residents and rising.

The town restarted its own police force in 2007 after decades of dormancy with 20 officers, and the force has grown to 34 since. Chief Iglio came to Middletown PD as the agency’s first K-9 officer after nine years with New Castle County Police.

Now, the 47-year-old Long Island, New York, native is focused on his adopted hometown’s future. He’s committed to following recommendations set in the President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing Implementation Guidebook released in 2015.

“Living here as long as I have, I have a vested interest in what’s happening in town,” Chief Iglio said. “I want to continue the high level of public service and safety that exists here in Middletown and continue to meet the community’s needs as they arise.”

The agency is working to meet Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies standards when evaluated in November.

“Public safety is the first priority of course, but I also want to focus on officer wellness physically and mentally while performing in what can be an extremely stressful profession.

Michael Iglio is Middletown’s new police chief, replacing the now-retired Daniel Yeager. (Delaware State News/Craig Anderson)

“I’d also like to increase our community policing efforts and start being involved with more local events as much as possible.”

When Daniel Yeager retired as Middletown PD’s top cop, now-Chief Iglio was promoted earlier this month. He rose through the ranks as a patrol sergeant, lieutenant (patrol commander), and captain (commander for internal affairs and the criminal investigations unit.)

“I’m excited about the position and it’s humbled me so far,” Chief Iglio said. “I’m very pleased that the mayor and town council chose to place their faith in me.”

Not surprisingly, Middletown remains vexed by the nationwide scourge of heroin use afflicting so many.

“The increase in heroin overdoses and deaths continues to significantly impact the community,” Chief Iglio said.

“It’s become the drug of choice that crack cocaine was just a few years ago except that it’s much more lethal, especially when it’s laced in Fentanyl.

“Besides the dangers to the users, it also creates an increase in property crimes such as burglaries, shopliftings and thefts.”

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