Partners in fighting crime: Millsboro, Georgetown officers engaged

Dallas Millner, an officer with the Millsboro Police Department, receives a corporal promotion pin from fiancee Kristen Repass, a patrolwoman for the Georgetown Police Department, during a Town Council meeting Jan. 4. The two will marry in November. (Delaware State News/Glenn Rolfe)

MILLSBORO — Like father, like son.

Like mother, like daughter.

Like fiancee, like fiance.

Dallas Millner and Kristen Repass are an engaged couple with plans to tie the knot Nov. 20. Chances are law enforcement colleagues from the towns of Millsboro and Georgetown will be guests at their wedding.

Cpl. Millner has been employed by the Millsboro Police Department since March 2016. Patrolwoman Repass is an officer with the Georgetown Police Department, hired in fall 2019.

“I think growing up I was always kind of attracted to the policemen, like I think any young child is. I was also pretty infatuated with the military,” said Cpl. Millner. “So out of high school, I did a year at (Delaware Technical Community College), and then, I enlisted into the Delaware National Guard. One, because I wanted to, and two, I also knew it would be beneficial on a resume, so to speak. So I used that with the military background and that kind of propelled me to my law enforcement career.”

Cpl. Millner, who pursued the criminal justice career pathway at Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, is a native of Frankford. His family moved to the Millsboro area during his teen years.

Recently, he was promoted from patrolman first class to the rank of corporal. His fiancee performed the ceremonial pinning during the Jan. 4 Millsboro Town Council meeting.

“I think after we had evolved me into something, just kind of seeing me go through my career — the ups and downs, the enjoyment and the kind of not-so-enjoyable things — maybe brought her focus in a little bit more and certainly motivated her to put herself in a position to get herself situated to where she was able to become a sworn officer, as well,” said Cpl. Millner.

Patrolwoman Repass left for the police academy in September 2019. She has been on patrol with the Georgetown force since March. Prior to that, she worked as a seasonal officer for the Bethany Beach Police Department for several summers, Cpl. Millner said.

The couple has already gotten a head start on life as two members of law enforcement in the same household.

“We were understanding of how that would roll,” said Cpl. Millner. “Obviously, it’s no secret to both departments that we are both police officers, and we live together, and we’re engaged. I think there was a mutual (understanding) … like, ‘We’ll do our best to maybe try to accommodate you, but there are no guarantees either because that’s life.’ She is working nightwork now, and I’m working daywork. But at least we have the same days off.”