Police identify victim of boating accident

INDIAN RIVER — Police have identified the man who died in a boating accident Thursday south of the South Shore Marina.

The victim, identified as 68-year-old Donald Cutsail Jr. of West Virginia, was with his wife and granddaughter fishing in the Indian River Thursday, said Senior Cpl. Heather Pepper, a spokeswoman for the Delaware State Police.

At approximately 4:22 p.m., he jumped into the water to untangle his fishing line, which was caught on the boat’s motor. As he attempted to climb back into the boath, he fell off the ladder into the water and was unable to swim due to the water conditions and strong current, Cpl. Pepper said.

A passing boat observed the victim in distress, pulled the victim from the water onto their boat, and began life-saving measures before being transferred to a Coast Guard boat and taken back to shore. The victim was taken from the scene to an area hospital by ambulance, where he was pronounced dead.