Retrial of ex-counselor on sex abuse charges to start


DOVER — The retrial of a 31-year-old female accused of sexually abusing her underage client at a drug and alcohol counseling center in 2015 is scheduled for Monday.

Rebecca Q. Winters (also known as Adams), is facing multiple felony charges in connection with an alleged improper relationship while she served as a 16-year-old boy’s counselor at Crossroads of Delaware in Milford.

Citing “an abundance of caution” Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Clark ordered a mistrial after several defense objections during a Dover Police detective’s testimony on Oct. 20.

Ms. Winters was released on her bond conditions pending trial scheduling.

Ms. Winters is charged with several counts sexual abuse of a child by a person of trust, along with providing alcohol to a minor. Jury selection was scheduled for Thursday.

For-profit Crossroads of Delaware closed earlier this year.

Deputy Attorney General Kathy Dickerson is prosecuting the case, with attorney John Malik representing Ms. Winters.

The alleged victim’s family also filed a civil suit against Ms. Winters and Crossroads of Delaware.

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