Revived Dover PD training academy begins Oct. 4

DOVER – The Dover Police Department will host its first training academy in nearly 30 years beginning next month, spokesman Sgt. Mark Hoffman said Monday.

The academy begins Oct. 4 and will continue for approximately 19 weeks. Besides eight Dover PD candidates, another eight will come from Seaford, Milford, Bridgeville, Harrington and Millsboro. Two other jurisdictions may also confirm participation, Sgt. Hoffman said.

“This became a necessity due to the limited space available at the Delaware State Police Academy due to the corona virus and the significant number of vacancies at our department,” he said.

While Dover PD currently has an authorized strength is 106, there are currently as of now, we are at 93 officers. Besides the eight academy candidates, the city recently approved the addition of five more officers as well.