Seaford police dub distracted driving campaign a success

SEAFORD — The Seaford Police Department issued 247 citations and made four arrests as part of a non-traditional distracted driving operation conducted in June and July.

Carried out in response to more than 80 calls involving distracted driving over a three-month period, the operation saw 114 citations for cell phone use and 89 for other traffic offenses.

Operation Cool Down, as it was termed, involved plain-clothes officers driving unmarked vehicles like family-style sedans, dump trucks and utility vehicles. Upon seeing a violation, the officers would then contact uniformed cops to perform traffic stops in marked vehicles. The Delaware Office of Highway Safety was also involved.

“The Delaware Office of Highway Safety is pleased to support the Seaford Police Department’s non-distracted driving initiative, ‘Operation Cool Down,’ to enforce cell phone violations. With increased travel during the summer season, it’s imperative that drivers focus on the road and not the feed,” Sarah Cattie, the distracted driving program manager in the Office of Highway Safety, said in a statement.

“Seaford Police Department has been a great partner in enforcing and educating the public using covert spotter techniques to conduct a successful operation.”

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