Smyrna man charged with 7th DUI offense


SMYRNA — A 38-year-old Smyrna man was charged with a felony seventh offense DUI after police initially responded to a reported verbal domestic incident inside a vehicle last Saturday morning, according to allegations in an arrest affidavit.

Augustine A. Haymond Jr. was stopped while driving a silver vehicle that allegedly pulled away from a home, Smyrna Police said. Officers were headed to South Clements Street at approximately 1:46 a.m. and the location of alleged offense was listed in documents as West South Street.

An officer alleged that a vehicle was seen crossing “the center line and then crossed the right side fog line” prior to a stop. Mr. Haymond was identified with a Delaware Identification Card, police said.

An officer said in papers, “I could smell an odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from the vehicle.”

Field testing followed, police said, and Mr. Hammond allegedly “tried putting a nickel in his mouth prior to (a preliminary breath test) and I had to make sure nothing was in his mouth.”

Mr. Haymond was transported to the Smyrna Police Department, authorities said. In papers, police alleged that Mr. Haymond “refused to blow into the intoxilyzer” after a 20-minute observation.

Other charges included driving while suspended or revoked and failed to remain within a single lane. Not guilty pleas were entered.

Mr. Haymond was given a $5,500 secured bail which was posted and a preliminary hearing was scheduled for June 1.

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