Smyrna Police Chief Wood retires

SMYRNA – Smyrna Police Chief Norman E. Wood recently retired and a search for a full-time successor has commenced.

In the interim, Capt. Torrie James will lead the department, police said Wednesday. Mr. Wood was promoted from lieutenant to chief in July 2014 following a unanimous vote by town council.

During his tenure, the northern Kent County police force moved into a new station in September 2016. The 29,750 square foot station on W. Glenwood Avenue cost $4.9 million to construct and modified operations to match the town’s growth and increased police force. The previous 4.900 square foot building was constructed in 1988.

Accommodations went from three holding cells to seven, a SallyPort negated an arriving prisoner’s ability to flee, and the civilian employees moved into a secured area due to several additional door lock mechanisms, the State News reported at the time.

Additionally, an 18-screen communication room put every part of the building under camera watch, along with the capacity to lock and unlock any door when needed. An on-site Information Technology staffer handles oversight in a room that wasn’t formerly secure.

“I would have to say we are definitely in the 21st century as far as technology goes,” Chief Wood said as the new facility opened. “From where we’ve come from to where we are has involved a tremendous transformation.”

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