Snake bite in Ocean View: Copperhead captured, released in nature preserve

OCEAN VIEW – Town of Ocean View police Saturday issued a public safety reminder after a person in their yard was bitten by a snake that proved to be a venomous copperhead.

After biting a subject in their yard, this copperhead snake was captured by Ocean View police. It was subsequently released into a nature preserve.

In response to a snake bite complaint May 11, Ocean View police captured the snake. It was subsequently identified as a copperhead, according to OVPD’s Facebook posting.

The snake was removed by Ocean View police and safely released into a nature preserve.

OVPD reminds residents to use extreme caution when encountering snakes. If assistance is needed with snakes or any type of animals, contact the Ocean View Police Department (539-1111).

Copperheads can be found in many northeastern, southeastern and midwestern states.

Although venomous, copperheads are generally not aggressive, and bites are rarely fatal. Its venom dose is among the lowest of all pit vipers.

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