Three sought after Dover party assault

DOVER — A 48-year-old Magnolia woman and her two children were facing assault and riot charges following a disturbance at a party late Tuesday, authorities said.

Demika Demby

According to Dover police, a suspect eventually became stuck under a rear axle of a fleeing vehicle and was dragged nearly 300 yards before becoming dislodged on Water Street. The incident was reported at approximately 11:03 p.m. in the 400 block of Collins Drive, spokesman Sgt. Mark Hoffman said.

Police said the alleged sequence began when party goers tried to fight another attendee who then contacted a female family member to pick her up. When the family member arrived, police said, her vehicle was surrounded by a group refusing to let it go.

Unius Oliver

A brick was thrown through the vehicle’s rear widow, police said, and the family member was allegedly physically assaulted after exiting. She was injured in the head and face area and pepper sprayed, and police said did not receive medical treatment afterward.

The family member, who police said was unable to see, returned to her vehicle and fled with a passenger, authorities said. The vehicle then struck a suspect who became stuck underneath it and was dragged until coming free during a turn.

Police did not publicly identify the suspect who was dragged.

The driver exited the vehicle and called 911 after running to a friend’s home in the area, police said. She is not being charged at this time, police said.

Alexsus Oliver

Police said the suspect dragged was conscious and alert as police arrived prior to transport by EMS to Bayhealth Hospital, Kent Campus, in stable condition.

The suspect refused to speak with police when contacted at the hospital and the two other suspects had left the scene.

Pending charges against Demika Demby, and Magnolia residents Alexsus Oliver, 20, and Unius Oliver, 18, included second- and third-degree assault, riot, second-degree conspiracy and criminal mischief.

Police said the hospitalized person would be charged upon release and the two other suspects remained sought.

As many as 80 persons were in the vicinity when the incident happened, police said, though it wasn’t known how many had attended the party.