Two abscond from DOC work detail, pass

Michael Joseph

GEORGETOWN —- Two men were sought after absconding from the Delaware Department of Correction, spokeswoman Kate Weber said.

The DOC said the whereabouts of Michael Joseph, 44, of Seaford, and Robert Mumford, 42, of Millsboro were unknown and unauthorized. Warrants for escape after conviction were issued. Joseph was on a community service work detail and Mumford failed to return to Sussex Community Corrections Center in Georgetown from an approved work pass, the DOC said.

Joseph was described as a 6-foot-3, 212-pound white male with hazel eyes and black hair, with tattoos on his upper arms, forearms, back and neck. His original violation was police signal.

Robert Mumford

Mumford was described as a 6-foot, 240-pound white male with hazel eyes and brown hair, with tattoos on his left arm and back, scars on his forehead, nose and right wrist. His original offense was civil contempt/support.

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