Two Camden business stung by counterfeit bills

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Camden Police Department said it is seeking two unidentified men traveling in a white Camaro in connection with an investigation into counterfeit money passed at two local businesses in early February. (Submitted photos/Camden Police Department)

CAMDEN — Two local businesses might have fallen prey to a multi-state operation that passed a significant amount of counterfeit money in early February, authorities said.

According to Camden Police Chief William Bryson, investigation found that $1,100 in fake $20 bills was passed at a Game Stop on Feb. 7, and $4,000 was accepted by Wal-Mart on Feb. 6.

Police frequently see counterfeit money “here and there” Chief Bryson said “but not to this volume.”

Camden Police received a visit from the U.S. Secret Service, which believes the same unidentified suspects may have passed counterfeit currency in other states as well, Chief Bryson said.

The Secret Service took photo copies of the paper passed in Camden, but the actual fake bills remain in evidence here.10dsn Camden counterfeit2 by .

According to police, the counterfeit bills were used to purchase electronic equipment and consoles.

Two unidentified black males with thin builds and standing approximately 6 feet tall are being sought for questioning, Chief Bryson said.

The pair might have been traveling in a newer model white Camaro with black stripes that was seen in a surveillance video, along with suspects entering businesses.

Police said investigation found the transactions likely took place from 7 to 8 p.m. at Wal-Mart, and between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. at Game Stop.

While the fake bills felt like a new piece of currency, Chief Bryson said, security features were not present. Wal-Mart discovered the discrepancy when sorting money on Feb. 9, police said.

Chief Bryson said a video review indicated the men arrived together at the sites. But, they entered the businesses separately within about a minute of each other.

10dsn Camden counterfeit3 by . Both times, police said, business was brisk at the locations and clerks were quite busy and became engaged in conversations.

“They prey on people who are busy and not as thorough as they can be,” Chief Bryson said.

Counterfeit transactions affect a business that takes a monetary loss “and that’s passed on to the consumer,” Chief Bryson said in general terms.

Camden Police think all the counterfeit bills were held at the stores and not passed along to customers. Wal-Mart’s loss was discovered a couple days after the incident, he said.

Anyone with information can call Camden Police Department at 697-2881.

Case information was distributed to all local police agencies, Chief Bryson said.

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