Sound Off Delaware: Strengthening coastal areas

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On his Facebook page last week, Delaware Sen. Chris Coons celebrated the passage of the Strengthening Coastal Communities Act of 2018, which included legislation that adjusts the boundary maps under the Coastal Barrier Resources Act) for Delaware’s North Bethany Beach map unit. The Strengthening Coastal Communities Act also adjusts maps in Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina, helping coastal homeowners qualify for disaster aid and setting aside thousands of acres for wildlife conservation.

• So taxpayers are now on the hook to bail out wealthy land owners who build their houses too close to the ocean? — Terry Lovin

• The Carolina legislature passed laws preventing the use of actual climate science when it came to development on the shore, and now we are all subsidizing the rebuild after this year’s hurricane season. But somehow letting people purchase flood insurance is a handout? — Jason Brown

• Yes they live on the shore with gates and security but want the poor to live amongst the illegal foreign criminals that this guy wants to allow in with his open borders mentality. — Nancy Dyson

• The National Flood Insurance Program is nearly $25 BILLION dollars in the hole and does absolutely nothing to mitigate storm or flood damage to coastal properties. In fact, in some states, policy holders have had their properties rebuilt multiple times because they live in flood-prone areas. So yes, it is riddled in debt, on the backs of taxpayers, and it doesn’t solve anything. — Terry Lovin

• Clearly national security is not your priority, but don’t assume everyone is similarly weak. You stood there at the podium claiming Trump just wants to fulfill a campaign promise. He’s been clear on national security as a priority. But also it shows that honoring promises is not important to you. We voted for him because his priorities line up with ours, and fulfilling a promise to protect us is evidently a value you can’t grasp. Chris Coons believes that a campaign promise is not a promise at all, so whatever he says he will do, he won’t. — Teresa Ambord

• Trump’s promise was also that Mexico would pay for it. So which stupid promises are we holding him to? — Jason Brown

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