Boiler issue being repaired at Clayton Elementary

CLAYTON – A temporary boiler system was operating at Clayton Elementary School Tuesday with new parts expected to arrive within two days, Smyrna School District Superintendent Dr. Patrik Williams said.

Maintenance crews worked throughout the weekend after a pipe feeding heat to the fourth-grade wing leaked last week, according to Dr. Williams. The boiler’s water was found running low on Friday, refilled, and then ran low again, the superintendent said. Underground digging was required.

Dr. Williams toured the area on Monday morning before school and found room temperatures to be in the mid-60 degree range.

“I was in there with a light jacket and to me it felt fine,” he said. “The classroom was empty and it warms up quickly if you put 25 students with a teacher inside it.

“Fortunately the last two days have been mild.”

Around 8 a.m. Tuesday, Dr. Williams received a message that the temporary fix was in place. A relocation plan was available Monday if teachers opted to take their students to the school’s cafeteria or library. The superintendent said he received no reports of classes being moved.

There are around 100 fourth-graders enrolled at Clayton ES at 510 Main St., the superintendent said.