Capital School District to start superintendent search next week

DOVER — The initial steps for who will fill the top leadership position at Capital School District will become clearer next week, when the board meets for the first time since Dan Shelton announced he would be stepping down to join the Christina School District as superintendent.

“He is very good at what he does, and I think he is just the right prescription,” said school board president John Martin. “It’s what they need. I couldn’t be happier for their district.”

The board is slated to meet June 17 for its regular monthly meeting. Mr. Martin said the board will have its first conversations about the open superintendent role then.

“Obviously, because it’s a pretty big position; there are several possible ways that that could go,” he said, adding that, generally, boards can either choose from within the district or conduct statewide or national searches.

The board found out Thursday that Dr. Shelton’s tenure in Capital would end June 30, but Mr. Martin said district operations will continue on schedule.

“Things will continue as normal: the day-to-day operations that we have, as well as some of the bigger plans that we have — like building the two new middle schools, bracing for any kind of changes that may come dependent upon how our state recovers and the nation recovers from what’s going on with the pandemic,” he said.

He noted that there are “good people already working at every level in our school[s].”

His sentiments echoed what Dr. Shelton explained Friday.

“I was a leader here in Capital and there’s important things that come with being the leader, but the work that we’re doing in Capital wasn’t my work,” Dr. Shelton said. “All of the staff in the Capital School District is just phenomenal. And so while [I’m] leaving, there will obviously be some changes, it wasn’t my work, it was their work. They’re an amazing team, and it will continue.”

Mr. Martin said he is sad to see Dr. Shelton go, “but not in a selfish way.”

“We are in the midst of change. And just like [Christina is] getting him in the midst of a change, and he is a big and amazing leader, I know that we will be able to fill the gap that he’s left, and we’ll continue with momentum as well,” he said.