DSU professor receives grant from U.S. Army

DOVER — Dr. Sokratis Makrogiannis, a Delaware State University associate professor of mathematics, has been awarded a three-year $435,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Defense’s Army Research Office to develop a novel automated method to study cells.

Dr. Makrogiannis – who teaches and does research within the University’s Division of Physics, Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science – will use the funding to develop techniques for fully automating the observation and documentation of cell segmentation, tracking, event handling and quantification.

The funding will support the development of automated methods designed to successfully detect and track cells, and thereby enable the analysis of their static and dynamic behavior – including cell morphology, cell migration and changes in cell states.

Dr. Makrogiannis’ project represents the next stage of innovation in the use of time-lapse microscopy, which has made it possible to observe and quantify cell cycle progression, migration and the growth control of live cells. Imaging and quantitative analysis techniques are being systematically integrated in biological and medical studies that investigate cellular immune response, embryonic development, tumor formation, and drug effects.