IRSD approves earlier in-person start dates for hybrid high school students

SELBYVILLE – Indian River School District’s board of Education has approved a revised hybrid learning schedule that will allow students in grades 9-12 to begin receiving in-person instruction at their high schools earlier than what was previously planned.

Under the revised schedule, hybrid students in ninth grade will begin receiving in-person instruction at their high schools the week of Oct. 26.

Students in Grades 10-12 will begin receiving in-person instruction the week of Nov. 9. High school students will be divided into two cohorts and attend school in person two days a week.

Students in Cohort A will attend school in person on Monday and Tuesday and learn remotely the remaining three days. Students in Cohort B will have remote learning Monday through Wednesday and attend school on Thursday and Friday.

Under the original plan announced by the district, freshmen were to attend school one day per week beginning the week of Nov. 9, while students in grades 10, 11 and 12 at Sussex Central and Indian River were to receive remote instruction the entire first marking period, which concludes on Nov. 18.

The information below is examples of typical instructional weeks for hybrid students in grades 9-12.

Hybrid Student in Cohort A (grades 9-12)

Monday – In person; Tuesday – In Person; Wednesday – Remote (asynchronous) ; Thursday – Remote (asynchronous); Friday – Remote (asynchronous)

Hybrid Student in Cohort B (grades 9-12)

Monday – Remote (asynchronous); Tuesday – Remote (asynchronous); Wednesday – Remote (asynchronous) ; Thursday – In person; Friday – in person

Students will receive their class schedules and cohort assignments from their schools.

Instruction schedules will remain the same for students participating in the remote learning model for the remainder of the first marking period.

Updated schedules for in-person instruction can be found on the district website at The district asks parents and students to disregard the printed schedules in the 2020-21 district handbook and calendar.

At its Sept. 28 board meeting, IRSD district officials announced accelerated plans to bring elementary and middle school hybrid students into schools for in-person learning sooner than expected. However, efforts to expedite the roll-in of high school students faced a transportation snag due to a shortage of drivers.