Lane appointed to board at the Parker Autism Center

Special education consultant, international speaker, Delaware resident and best-selling author Dr. William Lane has recently been appointed to the board of directors at Parker Autism Center, a nonprofit organization that provides education, engagement, empowerment, and employment for individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other disabilities.
Parker Autism Center’s motto is, “Everyone deserves an opportunity.” Through ongoing support and collaboration, the Parker Autism Center works to guide and provide personal and professional development opportunities that empower individuals with disabilities to achieve and advocate for themselves.

“Over 85% of individuals on the autism spectrum are underemployed or unemployed,” said Dr. Lane. “It is imperative that we provide clear pathways to graduation and meaningful employment opportunities for this underserved population. With my partnership with the Parker Autism Center, it is my mission to help shed any preconceived notions of what neurodivergent students and employees ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ do and show that there is potential for all.”

The Parker Autism Center was founded in 2013 by Rhonda Parker, M.Ed. a retired Transition Specialist who served as a special education teacher, general education teacher, mentor teacher, and employment consultant in the area of individuals with disabilities.

“Dr. Lane has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the educational and professional world,” said Parker. “His insight into the needs of special education is critical in helping and supporting individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Dr. Lane is a professional who truly cares about empowering and supporting individuals in the community.”

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