Perfection: Felton woman graduates from DSU with 4.0 average

DOVER — A 4.0 grade-point average is fantastic.

Graduating in three years to do it? Way more than fantastic.

Stephanie Lynn, 20, of Felton, planned to collect her Delaware State University Agriculture/Pre-veterinary Science diploma Saturday morning, eat/celebrate with friends and family and then “take a nap.”

The pomp and circumstance was a shared experience for all of the approximately 750 graduates. Six other students finished with all As throughout their studies.

“I’m excited about it and I expect a lot of emotions when I realize what I’ve been through and how I accomplished by goals,” Ms. Lynn said before the ceremony. “I’m sure there will be some mixed emotions that come with it all.”

Since elementary school, the Lake Forest High product has steadily worked toward a veterinarian and she’ll next enter the Oklahoma Center for Veterinary Health Sciences program to finish the dream.

“My cat got sick with cancer when I was in fifth grade and my mom and I used physical therapy to get her to walk again before she died,” Ms. Lynn.

“I thought then that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life,” she said.
With a full ride, the Presidential Scholar said she attended DSU tuition free. There was no reason to consider any other college, she said.

“I like the opportunities it has to offer since it’s an agriculture-based, land grant school with plenty of opportunities for veterinarian studies by a lot of agriculture majors,” Ms. Lynn said.

Thanks to her retired Air Force father’s GI bill, the stay in Stillwater, Oklahoma will take care of most of the costs; the yearlong summer clinical program working in a hospital will cost $15,000.

The three-year sprint through college isn’t quite accurate – Ms. Lynn earned 18 AP credits during high school from Lake and Delaware Technical Community College. She completed AP Chemistry, Biology, Calculus, English 101 and 102 before stepping onto campus.

Along with 19-credit hour semesters, Ms. Lynn aced Physics 101 and 102 during the summer, along with Genetics.

Besides pre-veterinary courses, she had concentrations in Beef and Sheep Production and Poultry Science.

“My heart was set on it, I didn’t want to give up,” the England-born Ms. Lynn said of handling the arduous schedule.

Getting through it
How about this? A serious car accident the second day of sophomore year caused a concussion and memory loss requiring physical and speech therapy to regain full function.

“Against my doctors recommendation I kept attending classes,” she said, adding that knee surgery was also required.
School wasn’t always a breeze, with Marcroeconomics and Biochemistry classes the most challenging.

“I really had to study harder,” Ms. Lynn said. “I kept getting bad test grades and had to figure out what I was doing wrong so I could improve on the next one.”

Success wasn’t anything new, since Ms. Lynn was Lake’s valedictorian with a 103.12 average, played tenor saxophone and was a drum major in marching band and qualified for the state track and field meet in the high, long and triple jumps from freshman season forward.

“I did a lot of things, but can’t remember them all,” she said when asked about her pre-university activities.

This summer, Ms. Lynn will work as a promotional representative at Harrington Raceway and Casino and A. Little Veterinary Clinic in Harrington, along with volunteering at Perfect Haven Cat Rescue.

She’ll find time to care for her four cats, two rabbits and a hamster as well.

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