Polytech’s student election gets real

WOODSIDE — Class election voting was at an all-time high Thursday at Polytech High School with the help of the Department of Elections.

Three real voting booths were used to hold class officer elections for grades 9-11.

All students had a chance to vote using the voting booths during their elections. All results were finalized by 1:45 p.m.

Winning ninth-grade class president was Nick Thompson. Other winning officers were Mackenzie Estrada, vice president; Dylan Gros, secretary; and Holly Rembold, treasurer.

For 10th grade, the winners were Devon Ott, president; John Forrest, vice president; Matthew Hesterman, secretary; and Zach Trabaudo, treasurer.

For 11th grade, the winners were Samantha Stafford, president; Grace Stang, vice president; Hannah Cote, secretary; Taylor Davis, treasurer; and Madeline Sheenan, historian.

Junior class adviser John Link raved about the process of voting this year.

“It lets students see how the process of real world voting works,” he said. Also, he appreciated that, “It takes out any question of cheating.”

Junior class president Samantha Stafford hopes to accomplish many things this year including “planning many school activities, such as homecoming, pep rallies, and prom.” She also hopes “to be a leader that people can look up to and be comfortable talking to.

Samantha thought the new voting process was “very convenient for students to vote during lunch.” She also liked that it gave students “a real world experience of voting.”

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