Seaford School District apologizes for controversial rendition of National Anthem

SEAFORD — Prior to Tuesday evening’s varsity volleyball match between Milford High and Seaford High, the Seaford School District played a controversial rendition of the National Anthem.

Following the incident, in which Roseanne Barr’s controversial rendition from the 1990s was used rather than the version the district typically plays prior to athletic events, an investigation was initiated to determine why Barr’s rendition was used instead.

The school district released a statement on its website, which can be seen below, regarding the incident:

“The Seaford School District has become aware that prior to Tuesday’s girls’ volleyball match between Seaford High school and Milford High School, a version of the National Anthem sung by Roseanne Barr was played. An investigation was initiated to determine why the national anthem normally played was not used. As a result of the investigation, proper responses and pre-game proceedings will be improved to support such incidents from happening again. The Milford School District’s Superintendent was contacted Tuesday evening with an apology regarding this incident. Additionally, letters of apology are being sent to Milford School District to be shared with student-athletes, coaches and fans who were known to be in attendance.

This event is not representative of the Seaford School District or its students, and the District will take appropriate action to ensure proper response and modification of pre-game proceedings. We apologize for this unfortunate event.”

Superintendent David Perrington also sent out a letter to students, staff and community members.

In the letter, Superintendent Perrington stated that, “in the future, the district will utilize our District-approved version at athletic events.”

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