Senator Stadium new name at Dover High School

DOVER – After months of debate, the Capital School District Board of Education voted unanimously Wednesday to rename Dover High School’s stadium Senator Stadium.

A naming committee was created early in the fall after names were submitted. The five-member committee held three public meetings to discuss the five proposed names for the stadium.

School board member John C. Martin, Jr. made a motion and it received a second from Nauleen Perry.

The high school’s main stadium is currently referred to as Dover Stadium and the scoreboard reflects that name with the auxiliary field’s scoreboard reading Senator Stadium.

Switching the logo on the scoreboards would cost approximately $6,000 per board so the board declined to change the signage on either board.

Included in the activities of the naming committee was a debate to rename the district office. The committee recommended the only proposed name, the Michael D. Thomas Administration and Professional Development Center.

The name change failed by a vote of 3-2. Ms. Perry and Mr. Martin voted for the change while Sean Christiansen, Matthew Lindell and Ralph Taylor voted against.

If renamed, the exterior of the building would have remained unchanged but signage would be added to the building’s archway and was estimated to cost the district about $4,000.

Updates given at the meeting include the construction at Booker T. Washington Elementary which is scheduled to be completed by the end of December. The board reported that between 45 and 50 contractors are on site daily to complete the project on time.

Also, the old Dover High School has been completely torn down and all that remains is a small amount of concrete, which will be removed so the land can be completely graded by the end of October.

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