Seven DSU graduates achieve perfect 4.0 averages

DOVER — The 2020 May Virtual Commencement honored seven graduates with the Presidential Academic Award – all 4.0 GPA scholars.
This group tied the May Commencement record set last year, making it the second consecutive year that the spring Commencement has produced seven academically perfect graduates.

The following are the May Commencement 4.0 graduates
• Juan Chavez Reynaga, a psychology major with a minor in biological sciences. He is also a member of the first graduating class of Dreamers.
• Brynn L. Dao, a criminal justice major from Dover.
• Alyssa D. Gregor, a social work major from Dover.
• Lily W, Lofton, an agriculture major from Heth, Arkansas.
• Boaz Menard, a management information systems major with a minor in computer science from Smyrna.
• Luil M Menberu, a physics engineering major from Washington, D.C.
• Lindsey C. Steele, a food and nutritional sciences major from Frederica.

This year’s honors class included 60 Summa Cum Laudes (3.75 GPA or above), 70 Magna Cum Laudes (3.5 to 3.74), 69 Cum Laudes (3.25 to 3.49) and 37 honorable mentions (transfer students with 60 or more credits and maintained a 3.5 GPA or above).