Spirit of Caesar Rodney Award presented to student

From left, Caesar Rodney School District Superintendent Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald; board member David Failing; board president Jessica Marelli; Howard Hastings; Kim Hastings; Audrey Hastings, Corinne Hastings; board vice president Michael Marasco; board member William Bush; and board member Scott Wilson following the presentation of the Caesar Rodney Spirit Award to Audrey Hastings for saving the life of a motorist in medical distress. (Submitted photo)

CAMDEN — At last month’s meeting of the Caesar Rodney School Board, the Spirit of Caesar Rodney Award was presented to Audrey Hastings, a sophomore at Caesar Rodney High School, for her actions in saving the life of a distressed motorist.

With her parents Kim and Howard and sister Corinne by her side, school board president Jessica Marelli, School Board vice president Michael Marasco, other board members and Caesar Rodney School District superintendent Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald presented Audrey with the award for her actions in successfully performing CPR on a woman suffering from a medical emergency.

On July 18, while on her way to the CRHS gymnasium for a summer gym class, Audrey came upon a single vehicle car accident where the driver had experienced a medical emergency. The car veered off the roadway; the driver was unresponsive. While her parents called 911, Audrey rushed to the woman’s aid. With her training as a Girl Scout and the assistance from the 911 dispatcher, Audrey successfully administered CPR to the stricken driver until medical assistance arrived. The driver would go on to recover at a local hospital. Without Audrey’s quick thinking, training and assistance, it’s quite possible the motorist might not have survived.

“We are so super proud of her,” said Audrey’s father Howard. “She has always been super studious and smart in school. There’s not a day that doesn’t go by that she doesn’t amaze us. We are all so happy and proud that we came along at the right time and place.”

“We are so fortunate to have students like Audrey in the Caesar Rodney School District,” said Superintendent Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald. “In an immediate, critical situation, Audrey remained calm; all of her training kicked in and she provided the gift of life to a person she had never met. I am personally so proud of Audrey and I look forward to watching her excel in her educational journey here in the Caesar Rodney School District.”

Audrey is a student at CRHS involved in countless school activities including Student Council and the Future Farmers of America. She also helped her FFA teammates take first place in the Agricultural Commodities display at the Delaware State Fair. Audrey is truly a hero, role model and a great representative of the Spirit of Caesar Rodney.

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