UD will no longer require SAT scores for Del. residents


NEWARK — The University of Delaware announced Monday it will no longer require SAT scores for in-state residents beginning next year.

The Faculty Senate voted to approve a four-year pilot program to allow Delaware students to choose whether to submit their SAT or ACT scores.

The plan goes into effect next year. That means current high school juniors are the first to be impacted.

Applications that do not include scores will not be judged negatively.

Officials believe the change can improve diversity. According to the university, research shows grade point average and class rank are effective in predicting college success. The officials believe requiring SAT scores can discourage “disadvantaged” students, including many minorities, from applying.

Some civil rights groups, such as the NAACP, have criticized the university for lacking diversity. In reaction, administrators have worked to create a plan to increase minority enrollment. According to the university, the student body is about 70 percent white.

“This is a big step forward for the University of Delaware and for all outstanding Delaware high school students who want access to a high quality education at UD,” Interim President Nancy Targett said in a statement.

“The university’s future is predicated on our commitment to equity and inclusion. We value diverse backgrounds and learning experiences, and this program aligns with that commitment.”

About 850 colleges currently do not require SAT or ACT results, the university said.

“There are likely many outstanding Delaware students, students who challenged themselves, worked hard and performed well in their high schools, who are not applying to UD because they assume their scores on the SAT or ACT will disqualify them from admission,” Director of Admissions Doug Zander said in a statement. “We know that these students can be successful in college and we want them to apply.”

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