A timeline of coronavirus in Delaware

FROM THE HOME OFFICE – The dateline, as the newspaper business refers to the town in all caps at the start of our stories, was changed today to reflect work in the coronavirus era. Our newsroom has been dark. But our journalists are still at work from wherever they are. Like all of you, our […]

From the Publisher: We’re here for you in this extraordinary time

In this unique historical moment, when everyone is struggling to understand the definition of “flattening the curve” and how to practice “social distancing,” questions abound and proliferate. Where will you find accurate and credible information about what is happening in our community? Where will you find an explanation of what steps the state health officials […]

Coronavirus concerns in Italy offer a preview of impact here

DOVER — “Hello from Italy,” reads one of the headlines making the rounds on the internet. “Your future is grimmer than you think.” It has been said that Italy’s battle with coronavirus is a preview of what we’ll experience here. Life has changed here quickly over the last week and a half and there remain […]

Coronavirus concerns have kept our reporters and editors busy

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines and deadlines … *** News from the past week certainly seems unprecedented. Indeed, our staff was challenged to keep up with so many coronavirus-related developments and precautions. On Thursday, we experienced a whirlwind of updates and cancellations. We’re doing our best to post content at delawarestatenews.net as […]

Only Sanders, Biden left in Delaware Democratic primary

Clarification for readers In last Sunday’s Delaware State News, we stated that subscription rates would be increasing. The intent was to show we planned to increase home delivery rates, but the rates printed were the existing rates instead of the adjusted rates. We apologize for the confusion we caused our readers. We are now taking […]

Flowers for Drew: Remembering the life of an editor, writer and friend

DOVER — The first few words of a David Allen Coe country song was all it took. Drew Ostroski joined a co-worker in song, growing louder as the chorus neared. “But you don’t have to call me darlin’ … darlin’ You never even called me by my name“ Music crossed over cubicles and smiles filled […]

2020 vision for State News includes politics

DOVER — Some notes and quotes between headlines and deadlines … *** Happy New Year! We are expecting 2020 to be quite busy, starting with the return of the General Assembly this month and coverage of the candidates in this big election year. Delaware State News state government and political reporter Matt Bittle said he […]

2019 Front Pages of the Delaware State News

DOVER – Every day is a new day in the newspaper business. Here’s a look back at the front pages of every edition of the Delaware State News in 2019. We hope you have a safe and prosperous 2020. -Andrew WestExecutive Editor

Impeachment, prison trials top 2019 headlines

DOVER — The Feb. 19 front page of the Delaware State News may be the year’s most memorable. The headline: “Jury returns no convictions.” After almost five days of deliberations, a jury returned two full acquittals and two partial acquittals of four inmates charged with perpetrating the February 2017 Vaughn prison riot and hostage situation […]

Thanksgiving edition stuffed with savings

The Delaware State News staff is assembling a Thanksgiving edition “stuffed” with Black Friday news, shopping ideas and savings. The clickety-clack of the insert machine in the Delaware Printing Company shop next door has been constant in the build-up to Thanksgiving. There will be 25 major advertisers’ inserts in the Thursday edition. Officially, each copy […]

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