Letter to the Editor: Empowering the dying

I have to wonder how many who oppose this HB 140, Death with Dignity legislation have walked this path with a terminally ill family member facing a painful death. Providing liberties to some does not have to mean taking them away from others. Self determination cannot end at the point it makes others uncomfortable. Yes, […]

Speak Out: Second Amendment debate

Readers reacted to recent Letter to the Editor headlined “A closer look at the Second Amendment.” • In the olden days when I was in high school a large amount of kids had their guns in their vehicles. Not one shooting. If anyone thinks we will be safer by not allowing law-abiding citizens to be […]

Commentary: ‘Smarter laws’ needed to curb gun violence

On Feb. 16, 2015, I got a call that no mother should ever have to get. It was my daughter, telling me her twin brother, my son Deshon, had been shot. The first thing I felt was disbelief — it couldn’t be my son, it had to be some kind of joke. We had just […]

Letter to the Editor: When will the investigations end?

In viewing the Democratic interrogation tactics when questioning Attorney General William Barr recently, the apparent discord among the Republican and Democratic senators was extremely apparent and appalling to observe. Democratic “concerns” focused solely on disputing, as accurate, at every opportunity the answers AG Barr stated. It was most notable that, quite frankly, the Democrats’ focus […]

Letter to the Editor: Trump’s new immigration policy

Recently, Trump released his new immigration policy proposal. He wants a merit-based system similar to Australia, for instance. I have knowledge of that system, having been to Australia and talked to everyday Aussies and how their merit based system works. Also when I was in Zimbabwe, I spent 14 days with a man who was […]

Speak Out: Opioid tax

Legislation establishing a tax on opioids is awaiting action from Gov. John Carney after the bill passed the House Thursday. The measure, Senate Bill 34, would create a fee of 1 cent per morphine milligram equivalent for brand-name opioid medications and one-quarter cent per mme for generics. It is not yet known whether Gov. Carney, […]

Delaware opioid legislation is ill-conceived ‘tax grab’

So, the General Assembly has passed a tax on opioid manufacturers and the legislation has been sent to Gov. Carney to await his decision on the fate of this initiative. This law is nothing short of a blatant tax grab. Supporters argue that the tax imposed is minuscule in that it assesses only 1 cent […]

Letter to the Editor: A closer look at the Second Amendment

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Read the first part of the Second Amendment to the Constitution: “a well regulated militia”; I believe this means that there should and must be laws in place […]

Speak Out: Changing primary date

Readers reacted to a Sunday commentary by Greg Lavelle on HB41, which passed the House and now awaits action in the Senate. It would change the September primary to April. • With the primary currently being held in September, how many times does an incumbent get challenged by someone in his or her’s own party? […]

Commentary: Providers for disabled need to be funded

As our legislators gather to work on the budget for the state, please let them know that you are dissatisfied with the state’s underfunding of providers who serve adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). As a Delaware resident, I’m embarrassed to say, Delaware’s Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDDS) is not paying its contracted […]