Letter to the Editor: ‘If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck …’

I will give Vernon Johnson credit for valiantly trying to do what really is impossible for any fair observer — convince us that the president of the United States is NOT a racist. (“Labeling President Trump a racist is absurd, Letter to the Editor, Sept. 12) Unfortunately for him, his flimsy arguments are overwhelmed by […]

Sound Off Delaware: Pandhandling problems

This is your public forum. We welcome your opinions, which can be emailed to newsroom@newszap.com or posted online under the stories at www.DelawareStateNews.net. Dover’s City Council of the Whole’s Safety Advisory and Transportation Committee last week tabled a proposal that would prohibit panhandling between sunset and sunrise, stopping the practice in certain places and situations, […]

Letter to the Editor: Republicans are no better than Democrats

Beverly Monahan’s opinion piece in the Delaware State News on Nov. 14 entitled “Be careful what you ask for with the blue wave,” was almost unreadable. I don’t know what she was trying to accomplish by employing the stilted writing style she used because I could have made the same points she appeared to be […]

Letter to the Editor: Value of military service

Although the recent commentary titled “Presidents as veterans are becoming a dying breed,” written by Dr. Samuel B. Hoff, is certainly informative, a key point of his analysis is not true. Dr. Hoff’s statement, “With three of the last four American presidents lacking military background…” perhaps justified by Hoff’s liberal bias, is a false premise. […]

Sound Off Delaware

Tax exempt? An idea to consider waiving town of Cheswold council members’ municipal tax obligations as a form of compensation has been floated in the Kent County community. Vice Mayor Larence Kirby clarified this week that the possibility “came from a brain storming session, as someone thought other municipalities utilized compensation.” The topic appeared on […]

Commentary: Awareness of food waste can help us appreciate holiday meals

Americans celebrate the winter holidays in many ways, which typically include an abundance of food, drinks, desserts – and waste. Food waste is receiving increasing attention from managers, activists, policymakers and scholars, who call it a global social problem. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, wealthy nations waste nearly as much food every […]

Sound Off Delaware: Immigration debate

This is your public forum. We welcome your opinions, which can be emailed to newsroom@newszap.com or posted online under the stories at www.DelawareStateNews.net. Readers reacted to a recent letter by Debbie Hilton of Felton headlined “Applause for Trump on immigration issues.” • Ask yourself this, why do people have locks on their doors and fences […]

Letter to the Editor: Whatever happened to the ‘invasion’

For more than two weeks leading up to the midterms, President Trump used vitriol and hateful language to convince the American people the caravan in Mexico was this “existential threat” to America. They would bring plagues and diseases to kill us all. He felt so strongly about it that he made it the central issue […]

Letter to the Editor: Heroin kills our citizens

A few days ago a person was pulled over in Georgetown. The offender, in addition of having marijuana, had 1,500 packs of heroin. The offender was released on an unsecured bond. He is from Virginia. Think the courts will see him again? I doubt it. Of these 1,500 packs of Heroin, how many citizens will […]

Letter to the Editor: Nurse practitioners add valuable service

Nov. 11-17 is National Nurse Practitioner Week. Delawareans should be aware there are over 1,100 nurse practitioners providing care to the people in our state. Nurse practitioners are an important part of the healthcare workforce with over 250,000 nurse practitioners providing care to patients in primary care and specialty practices in hospitals and clinics. Since […]