Letter to the Editor: Trump ‘does not merit one more month’

Just in case some of you have forgotten, let me remind you how Donald Trump came to be named president of the United States. Remember, Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. However, that unnecessary and outmoded Electoral College system, using the old “formula” for counting votes, arrived at Donald Trump. Trump has no political background […]

Letter to the Editor: Democrats should choose battles wisely

The Democrats are pulling out all the stops to once more consider the impeachment of President Donald Trump and halt the valid constitutional action of any president to put forth a nominee to be considered for a position on the Supreme Court. Interestingly, Democrats were in accordance to proceed during the SCOTUS selection process during […]

Letter to the Editor: Shupe’s leadership shines during crisis

Over the last several months, amid the pandemic, the voters of Delaware have had the unique opportunity to experience a real-time experiment that tested the leadership of candidates running for political office. As a 9/11 survivor, I believe that it is these times of crisis that define an individual, and this year, over party lines, […]

Letter to the Editor: Sign owner stands against Biden

I would like to thank Frank Daniels for his comment on my sign (which reads, “A vote for Joe is a vote for stupid!”) and his research on good old Joe (“Take a good look at Biden’s plans,” Sept. 14). I’m almost 68 years old and have lived in Delaware all of my life (except […]

Letter to the Editor: Take a close look at Trump’s policies

It’s amazing that in Col. Frank Daniels’ letter (“Take a good look at Biden’s plans,” Sept. 14), he discusses policies espoused by Joe Biden as being those put forth by other Democrats — as if that in and of itself would be a fault — but he never mentions any policy of the current occupant […]

Letter to the Editor: Sweeney’s service benefits Kent County

These days it is difficult to find honest, hardworking people who want to help others succeed. Truly thoughtful, caring people who devote a greater part of their lives trying to make hardships a bit easier for others only come around every so often. One such individual is George “Jody” Sweeney, the 5th District Levy Court […]

Commentary: COVID-19 has made high-speed internet a must

By Mike Quaranta Almost overnight, the COVID-19 pandemic shifted much of our lives online — from education and work to health care and retail shopping. And our broadband infrastructure performed superbly, helping families across Delaware adapt to these seismic changes. But many Delawareans are stuck on the wrong side of the digital divide — lacking […]

Letter to the Editor: Candidates should protect Social Security

Delaware is home to nearly 220,000 Social Security beneficiaries. Of those receiving benefits, more than 20% rely on Social Security to provide 90% of their total household income. With all the economic changes and challenges during the coronavirus pandemic, it is clear we must maintain Social Security’s hard-earned benefit for millions of older Americans and […]

Letter to the Editor: We’ve already lost too much time

Here are a couple of things I think most Americans can agree on: • We are the richest, most advanced nation in the world. • We have the world’s best doctors, hospitals and schools of medicine. And yet by the end of this month, 200,000 Americans will have died from COVID-19. New estimates say the […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware state leaders should explain

After listening to the political television advertisements from U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, I feel compelled to address some concerns. He stated that he secured personal protective equipment for the state of Delaware. Perhaps, he, on paper, requested it from the federal government; however, it was President Donald Trump and his administration who made it actually […]