Commentary: Democrats’ stance amounts to treason

With the tacit approval of the Democrats, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, and CNN are extolling the virtues of a mass murderer. Make no mistake, Soleimani was neither a revered human being nor a masterful military tactician. He was a brutal killer who had no rules of engagement, and total disregard for the Geneva Convention articles. […]

Speak Out: Bernie and Hillary

Hillary Clinton says “nobody likes” her former presidential rival Bernie Sanders, even as the Vermont senator remains entrenched among the front-runners in the Democratic race, with the Iowa caucus beginning in less than two weeks. In an interview with “The Hollywood Reporter” published Tuesday, Clinton was asked about a comment she makes in an upcoming […]

Commentary: Moving away from the ‘deadly legacy’ of Roe vs. Wade

On Nov. 28, a bit of news captured my attention. It has become federal law that any human causing injury or harm to any animal or any species of animals would be guilty of committing a federal crime punishable by fines, jail time or even prison terms of up to seven years — with the […]

Speak Out: Untraceable guns

Filed earlier this month, House Bill 277 would prohibit any gun that has no serial number, is “constructed in a shape or configuration such that it does not resemble a firearm,” is made “entirely of non-metal substances” or is otherwise undetectable by metal detectors. Readers reacted to the story online and on Facebook. • Waste […]

Commentary: There will never be ‘enough’ gun control for left

Once again, our elected officials make their annual prayer to that well-worn graven idol of gun control legislation. This year, the villains are 3-D printed firearms, non-factory assembled firearms, “untraceable” firearms, or their components. Last year it was bump stocks, pistol grips, magazines and even an effort to require buyers to obtain permission from state […]

Letter to the Editor: Not all wags are equal

I feel compelled to once again respond to a recent letter to the editor regarding the ongoing drumbeat to raise the minimum wage. (“Are some burdens heavier than others?” Jan. 22) Mr. Sowers of Harbeson begins by making a reasoned case against some of the poorly supported arguments of others against raising the minimum wage. […]

Speak Out: Impeachment debate

Pressing through a second day of impeachment arguments, House Democrats scoffed at President Donald Trump’s claims that he had good reasons for pressuring Ukraine to investigate his political foes. It was Trump who engaged in a shocking abuse of power, not former Vice President Joe Biden or other Trump foes, said Rep. Sylvia Garcia of […]

Commentary: Messages are getting lost through delivery

If you cover the finest filet mignon with vomit, most people won’t eat it. But I think that is what is happening with our political discourse. Great ideas, opinions and thoughts that could move us toward solutions to difficult and complex problems are covered by sarcasm, vulgarity, name calling and anger. When we communicate within […]

Speak Out: Christians in government

Readers recently reacted to a commentary by state Sen. Bryant Richardson headlined “What is the Christian’s role in government?” wherein he listed Christians “influencing government for good.” • What about other religions? Is Christianity the only religion that exists in America and in Delaware? What about non-believers? This legislator has a long history of trying […]

Letter to the Editor: Are some burdens heavier than others?

The commentary, “Minimum wage hike would burden Delaware businesses” by Dr. John Stapleford and associate Justin Chan of the (libertarian) Caesar Rodney Institute, and the subsequent Speak Out comments, left out discussion of a number of related but equally important issues. First, Stapleford made reference to studies supporting his position but did not name or […]