Commentary: Farmers asked to keep water off the roadways

Even after all the rain this spring, soils in Delaware are dry, particularly sandy soil which can-not hold the moisture. With temperatures hovering at the 100-degree mark, water evaporates more quickly, too. So farmers are likely irrigating longer and more often. The Delaware Department of Agriculture is reminding farmers to make sure their irrigation systems […]

Speak Out: Legislative scorecard

During the first leg of the 150th General Assembly, Rep. Kim Williams, a Newport Democrat, topped the other 61 members of the General Assembly, introducing the largest portion of the 617 measures that have been presented as legislation since the 2018 election. Among the 617 measures introduced since December were bills to legalize marijuana, reinstate […]

Commentary: Troubling justification for abortion

It is rather humorous to listen to the liberal members and mass media of our country calling, at one time or another, almost all conservative members to be racists. We should take a close look at a very important problem in our country today and ask just who are the racists. As we all know, […]

Speak Out: Laurel Little League controversy

Just 12 hours before they were scheduled to hit the road, the Laurel Major League softball all-stars received word that they had been disqualified from the East Regional tournament. Little League handed down the penalty because the organization deemed a player did not live within its boundary map for Laurel Little League. • I would […]

Commentary: Flame retardants bill facts need to be explained

In a recent Commentary (“Putting special interest over Delaware families,” July 15) Rep. John Kowalko accused members of the General Assembly of putting special interests over Delaware families. While I do not want to get into a back-and-forth airing of grievances, Delaware residents deserve to know the facts, many of which Rep. Kowalko omitted in […]

Letter to the Editor: Why benefit just DE Turf?

Dear Sen. Paradee and Rep. Lynn: Why are you so active in giving away money to DE Turf per Senate Bill 178? This legislation you introduced is to tax all hotel visitors to Kent County up to 3% for the sole purpose of funding DE Turf activities. Why just this organization when we have so […]

Letter to the Editor: Of ‘illegal’ immigrants

There is a great deal of confusion about what is an “illegal” immigrant. The need to revamp our immigration laws and the policies on enforcing those laws is glaringly obvious. People get all excited when this administration says it is cracking down on “illegal” immigrants, thinking that dangerous criminals will be getting what they deserve. […]

Commentary: Moon landing’s achievements and challenges

As we celebrate the half-century mark of the moon landing, the event’s importance remains, as do challenges in its wake. This article evaluates both areas. There are a number of accomplishments to point to pertaining to moon exploration. From the standpoint of Cold War competition with the Soviet Union, the Apollo 11 mission represented a […]

Letter to the Editor: The big, scary ‘S’ word

Potshots are already being taken at Democratic presidential candidates’ calls for Medicare for All. Opponents just can’t seem to stop themselves from using the “S” word… the dreaded socialism… as a primary reason it’s a bad choice. And already the media (print, visual and digital) appears to be silent as if it’s an accurate definition […]

Letter to the Editor: Lodging tax questions

Sunday’s State News article, “Lodging tax hikes…” where Kent County and Dover plan on implementing a 3% tax each on lodging, with Kent County’s estimated $950,000 would directly benefit the Kent County Regional Sports Complex Corp. This is a self-described “nonprofit public/private partnership” that owns DE Turf sports complex near Frederica, and means that this […]