Commentary: League urges people to run for Delaware school boards

Are you concerned about the quality of our local public schools? Would you like to take part in shaping educational policy and in making decisions that assure all children in your community have the educational opportunities that they deserve? If so, now is the time to consider running for your local school board. Eleven seats […]

Letter to the Editor: Controlling the cat population

I totally agree with Ms. Bottomley! (“Controlling Delaware cat population takes changing ways,” Letter to the Editor, Jan. 11) I am a TNR proponent, a foster, and rescuer of cats. I have done this 20 years-plus. I have seen firsthand the struggles of cats and kitten left to fend for themselves. Many lived in someone’s […]

Letter to the Editor: Donate to Interfaith Mission

About the Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing using a former motel near Felton, some State News readers worry about the lack of transportation at that location. If the news article didn’t discuss transportation needs maybe that’s because they, the mission, have a handle on it. Well, here’s a thought — how about donating a vehicle. […]

Speak Out: State of the State

During Thursday’s State of the State address, Gov. Carney teased initiatives he will push this year, including raising the age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21, banning certain homemade firearms and giving state employees a pay increase, and also stumped for changes he has already backed, such as expanding ballot access and providing more […]

Commentary: Indian River School District referendum well worth supporting

The Indian River School District Capital Improvement and Current Expense Referendum will be held on Feb. 5. I have attended several public meetings recently with various groups where Superintendent Steele has presented information pertaining to the need for this referendum. In addition, I have had numerous conversations with community members from across the district, expressing […]

Letter to the Editor: Mainstay of the media

The currently definitive format of the media should not be their selected More Evolving Doctrine Imparting Anxiety. Their target of choice begins at the top. President Trump and his ever-changing administration is their main food for thought. Every effort and action the president has taken and designated to endorse, the majority of leftist media stand […]

Letter to the Editor: Shedding crocodile tears

Alas the irony! Mr. Beveridge and so many of the Trump cheerleaders bemoan his being so harshly treated by those “evil” Democrats. (“Playing politics around the border wall,” Commentary Jan. 10) If my memory serves me, it was the saintly Republicans who took a sacred oath” in 2008 to make Obama a one-term president. Their […]

Speak Out: Voting changes

Democrats on Wednesday filed three bills that would establish early voting and same-day voter registration and move the primary election from September to April. • I am registered as unaffiliated because I don’t want to be associated with either party. I support what’s right, not what’s best for a party. I am banned from choosing […]

Commentary: Democrats riding ‘fast train to socialism’

The government is partially shut down and the Democrats now have control of the House. If that isn’t scary enough, it’s only 23 months until the next presidential election, and many of the Democratic hopefuls have already begun their campaigns. Unfortunately, every one of them is a progressive, read “socialist,” who speaks eloquently, but couldn’t […]

Letter to the Editor: Increasing minimum wage has effects

The public discourse on the merits of increasing the minimum wage to $15/hour is a cruel hoax perpetrated on the workers in our society who are paid that rate. The argument is that these workers should be paid a working wage —whatever the definition of that term might be. What is ignored is the inflationary […]