Commentary: It’s high time someone looked at pot taxes

Consumers don’t seem to mind paying sales taxes on things like food and clothing. Marijuana may be a different story. As marijuana taxes are imposed in more states, many recreational marijuana users might cross interstate borders to avoid them or even hoard stocks of weed in anticipation of them. If state governments don’t adjust to […]

Speak Out: Rising gas prices

Typically, fall brings lower gasoline demand which usually pushes prices at the pumps down. However, in the wake of attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia last weekend, gasoline prices at the pump in Delaware and across the nation are on the rise. The average cost of a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline in Delaware […]

Commentary: Fair housing no longer exists in Sussex

Please help me spread the word about the current housing crisis and the lack of fair housing opportunities for the working poor in Sussex County! I am seeing how those who are earning less than $21 an hour are being pushed out of Sussex County because of steadily increasing housing costs month after month as […]

Letter to the Editor: Those who commit a crime get arrested

Ken Abraham seems critical, in his commentary, “Jailing nonviolent offenders costly to tax-payers”, of the fact that “Black people make up 42 percent of people who have been jailed multiple times over the past year, though they comprise 13 percent of the nation’s overall population.” I don’t think simply comparing the percent of those incarcerated […]

Speak Out: Biden on racism

Visiting a black church bombed by the Ku Klux Klan during the civil rights era, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Sunday framed current racial tensions as part of an enduring struggle that is older than the nation. “In a centuries long campaign of violence, fear, trauma, brought upon black people in this country, the […]

Commentary: What if college athletes got paid?

The California state legislature has approved a bill that allows college athletes to earn money through athletic endorsements starting in 2023. The governor hasn’t said whether he’ll sign the bill into law. Jasmine Harris, an expert on student athletes, addresses how the bill, known as “Fair Pay to Play Act,” would alter college athletics if […]

Letter to the Editor: ‘Conspiracy theory’ is real and bad

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Liberty Vittert gave us a commentary piece (DSN, Sept. 19) that said that “conspiracy theory” generation and propagation on the internet and social media are “In a word, No[t]” a problem. Vittert also said “There are no major studies on … conspiracy theories … until about 10-20 years ago.” Both of these two statements are […]

Speak Out: Weighing in on expanded background checks

The following conversation was taken from U.S. Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester’s post on Facebook about the bipartisan legislation passed by the House to expand background checks. • Let’s find a way to enforce the background checks already in place before we insist we need new ones. — Jake SnyderJ • Please explain where background checks […]

Commentary: Who can trust a long history of lying?

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In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump lies a lot. He has what Native Americans would call a `forked’ tongue. In Trump, we have a world-class, gold-medal, virtuoso of a liar. Trump lies like the rest of us exhale. Since his inauguration, The Washington Post has identified over 12,000 lies or misstatements made by Trump. […]

Letter to the Editor: The importance of Ostomy Support

Ostomies are lifesavers. I know this because my patients would not be here today without their ostomy. They had ostomy surgery because of various medical conditions such as Crohn’s Disease, diverticulitis, or cancer. Unfortunately, some people still delay the decision or choose death over life with an “ostomy bag” due to stigmas and misinformation. People […]