Commentary: Impeachment hearings should broaden scope

Congressional Democrats should not keep the scope of the Trump impeachment hearings limited to just his misdeeds around his attempts to extort Ukraine into interfering in the 2020 American presidential election. While this should be the first subject examined and voted on, there are other important subjects that need to be included that go to […]

Letter to the Editor: New flag law should be observed

A new law, signed last recently by the president after bipartisan and unanimous consent of the House and Senate (meaning no one objected and all 535 elected members of Congress agreed on the same thing), took effect Nov. 7 and now requires, amongst other buildings, for all United States federal post offices, to now fly […]

Commentary: Wind farm debate

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Fenwick Island resident headlined “Offshore wind farm projects would destroy ocean views” wherein he says “Skipjack and other offshore wind energy companies are looking to use the tallest wind turbines in the world, measuring 853 feet or three times taller than the turbine in Lewes. As planned, these […]

Commentary: Impeachment hopes spring eternal(ly) for Democrats

Unfortunately, America must continue to endure the Democratic impeachment quest that is stated to be a search for their version of the truth that will, not to the Democratic liking, conclude in a negative result for all Democratic candidates seeking office in 2020. Currently, Adam Schiff is still running the coup. His idea of transparency […]

Letter to the Editor: Meeting in the middle

Why do the Democrats treat the whistleblowers differently? This one they are protecting but when Edward Snowden came out when Obama was president they put his name out there and he had to flee the U.S. for his safety. But now since it against a Republican, the Democrats want to protect him or her. But […]

Letter to the Editor: Miscarriage of justice

Well, your tax money is at work — three years and counting. The impeachment inquiry is as close to a self-inflicted mass wound as only a fiction writer could concoct. I, and almost any other sane and logical thinker with any layman’s knowledge of due process or law, see this as a failure of due […]

Speak Out: Challenger for Coons

Jessica Scarane, a Wilmington-based digital strategist who serves as the board president of the nonprofit Girls Inc. of Delaware, announced Monday she plans to run against Sen. Chris Coons in a Democratic primary next year. She is running on a progressive platform that includes implementing universal health care, a $15 minimum wage and tuition-free college […]

Commentary: Offshore wind farm projects would destroy ocean views

Several offshore wind farm projects that will stretch from Rehoboth Beach to Ocean City, Maryland will soon be a reality unless citizens and legislators take action now. Orsted Wind Power (Denmark) has been granted one of multiple offshore wind farm leases. Orsted’s Skipjack Offshore Energy, LLC and Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control […]

Letter to the Editor: Conspiracy, you say?

Since 2016 when our duly elected president has taken his office, we the people have endured a plethora of conspiracies to discredit the man and the office. First, there was the never-Trump movement with the CIA and FBI agents to prevent the president being seated. 2- there was the electoral college dustup, 3- the assaults […]

Speak Out: Legalizing marijuana

Readers reacted to a recent commentary by Zoë Patchell, executive director of the Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network, headined Tainted vape scare increases need to legalize marijuana •We must legalize cannabis in Delaware now, and expunge cannabis-related charges from the records of all affected Delawareans. — Eric Morrison • This is like saying we need to […]