Commentary: The rule of checks and balances hasn’t always worked


By Arthur E. Sowers Kirsten Carlson’s DSN commentary (Feb. 23), “Impeachment didn’t work. How else can Congress keep Trump in check?”, presented a story about how our government works and how it was meant to let voters hold officials accountable. Unfortunately her piece was more like a story about a glass of water but the […]

Commentary: ‘Conventional wisdom’ may skip this election cycle too


By Reid K. Beveridge The political version of “conventional wisdom” doesn’t work very well in the age of Donald J. Trump. Nearly everything we thought we knew as political reporters pretty much went out the window when The Donald came down that escalator at Trump Tower in 2015. Back then, almost no one thought Trump […]

Commentary: Bloom bill was ‘sweetheart deal’ that hasn’t paid off


By Delaware Senate Minority Leader Gerald Hocker and Sens. Anthony Delcollo, David Lawson, Ernie Lopez, Brian Pettyjohn, Bryant Richardson and David Wilson Bloom Energy is, yet again, under the microscope and facing intense scrutiny for its lack of providing tangible results for Delaware and Delawareans. News articles published recently have brought the question of whether […]

Commentary: Delaware hospitals leading way in infection protection

By Megan McNamara Williams As the spread of Novel Coronavirus worsens and fear of this new virus increases, it is important to remember how fortunate we are to have the resources, expertise and support that exist in Delaware. Novel Coronavirus cases exceed 75,000 worldwide, with more than 2000 deaths or a case fatality rate of […]

Commentary; The cost of doing business with President Trump

By Lonnie Brewer Mr. Roof, I read your commentary in the DSN Feb. 7. (“Democrats should take their ball and go home.”) As usual, more misinformation than fact. Trump’s own party pretty much guaranteed him they were not going to impeach him, and what does he do? He backdoors his own party by telling his […]

Commentary: Impeachment didn’t work. How else can Congress keep Trump in check?

By Kirsten Carlson Donald Trump’s removal of impeachment witness Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman from the White House and intervention in his friend Roger Stone’s sentencing have prompted concern that the president’s acquittal in his recent impeachment trial may embolden him to further expand executive power while avoiding accountability. But the conclusion of the trial in […]

Commentary: Washington’s Cabinet mirrored his own traits

By Dr. Samuel B. Hoff The recent History Channel series depicting his life and legacy, combined with the proximity to the tricentennial of his birth and present focus on the views of the Framers in creating the American presidency, all point to the continuing relevance of George Washington. On his birthday, it is appropriate to […]

Commentary: Buttigieg’s bad immigration idea

By Joe Guzzardi Pete Buttigieg, one of the surviving Democratic presidential candidates, goes from up to down to sideways in his pursuit of the elusive 2020 nomination. The former South Bend mayor was up in Iowa and New Hampshire but is struggling in South Carolina and Nevada. When candidates are trying to separate themselves from […]

Commentary: Marijuana edibles dangerous to children

By Dr. Mary Lee Every day, over 300 children in the United States ages 0 to 19 are treated in an emergency department for poison exposures. For children younger than 6 years old, 99.4% of these exposures are unintentional. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, medication is the leading cause of poisoning in kids—leading to the […]

Commentary: Will Delaware GOP flail then flop in 2020?

Graham, Dave by .

By Dave Graham Our nation has become polarized by Democratic leadership in the U.S. Congress, which appears bent on resisting, at all costs, our duly elected president, Donald J Trump. Thinking of the Kavanaugh confirmation and Trump impeachment hearings, our savvier Delaware voters would be justified in holding up a mirror to the Democrats in […]

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