Letter to the Editor: Shop locally Small Business Saturday

This year, more than ever, shopping locally for the holidays and the remainder of the year is critical to the future of the economy in Delaware. Small Business Saturday, a national campaign, is set for Nov. 28, promoting the beginning of holiday shopping and the importance of supporting your local business community, and we’re excited […]

Letter to the Editor: Don’t deny vets mental health benefits

Veterans have sacrificed so much for this country, but when it comes time for their repayment, the government often turns a blind eye. In the early 2000s, military members were being discharged with “personality disorders,” when they were actually suffering from PTSD or other similar disabilities. A discharge for personality disorder would eliminate the ability […]

Letter to the Editor: Use CARES funds to promote tourism in Delaware

As the tragic impact of the COVID-19 virus continues to devastate health and business in Delaware, there is some good news to be shared with future travelers to our state. The election of Delaware’s own Joe Biden as president has brought national and international attention to our great state. Over the past months, the Democratic […]

Letter to the Editor: Sussex growth group stands behind cluster ordinance

Sussex County is considering an amendment to its cluster subdivision ordinance that would extend its provisions to areas of the county where they don’t currently apply, specifically in the Coastal Zone in council districts 3, 4 and 5. The amendment process consists of a Planning & Zoning public hearing that took place Nov. 12 and […]

Letter to the Editor: Proposed surprise medical billing legislation benefits insurance companies

Anyone who believes that private markets enable competition, drive efficiencies and reduce costs should be very concerned about the surprise medical billing “compromise,” STOP Surprise Medical Bills Act (S. 1531), making its way through Congress. In theory, this legislation requires any disputes between insurers and providers over so-called “out-of-market” care to go to arbitration. That sounds […]

Letter to the Editor: Taking a stand against Biden and abortion

A recent headline about Joe Biden’s Catholic faith is a scandal to all true Christians (“Biden brings solid Catholic faith to presidency,” Nov. 15). He goes directly against the teaching of God, the fifth commandment and the Catholic Church on matters of abortion. His standings on same-sex marriage is directly against God’s morality that a […]

Letter to the Editor: Businessman calls for action protecting Delaware’s small businesses

I was saddened to see another of our small business contemporaries close its doors due to the state’s regulations in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. In today’s world, the word “crisis” is applied to everything it seems, but in the case of small business closings, the term is well-founded. The restaurant, 33 West Ale […]

Letter to the Editor: Libraries a good alternative to traditional bookstores

First, I would like to welcome Mr. Gardner to Delaware! (“Why no bookstore in all of Kent County?” Nov. 14) If you live here long enough, we will grow on you. In answer to your questions about bookstores in Kent County, we used to have several, some selling new books and some selling used ones. […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware State Education Association calls for more oversight at district level

First and foremost, the Delaware State Education Association wants to thank all the educators in Delaware for the work they are doing inside and out of our schools. To the teachers who are cleaning desks, purchasing their own personal protective equipment, providing instruction both remotely and in person (often at the same time), having lunch […]

Letter to the Editor: Biden changed abortion stance

The headline story today probably could fall under the category of the world as we would like to see it (“Biden brings solid Catholic faith to presidency,” Nov. 15). While President-elect Joe Biden may have been a solid Catholic politician through 2003, with his strong pro-life position at the time, he has changed. Beginning in […]