Letter to the Editor: Where are safeguards for seniors?

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a copy of a letter sent to state Sen. John Walsh, D-Stanton. Sen. Walsh: My wife will be 83 in September. I will be 84 the same month. We both have underlying health conditions. Fortunately, we are blessed and can remain in our home. While we can presently remain at […]

Letter to the Editor: Delaware should do more to protect the most vulnerable

Delaware’s Division of Public Health recently announced an update to its coronavirus numbers, adding 67 newly counted deaths, most of which were in long-term care facilities. That’s about 64% of all COVID-19 deaths statewide. The national average is just 40%. The 10 largest long-term facilities in Delaware account for 45% of all Delaware COVID-19 deaths. […]

Letter to the Editor: State medical societies urge Congress to fight for funding

EDITOR’S NOTE: This joint letter was submitted to Congress on June 18. On behalf of the tens of thousands of physicians collectively represented by our associations, and the millions of patients we treat, we are urging that Congress continue to fight for needed funding in the next stimulus package to assist community physician practices to […]

Letter to the Editor: US dealing with two pandemics

America is currently in the grips of two pandemics, a medical pandemic involving a virus and a social pandemic involving privilege and exceptionalism. The virus seems to be mutating away, but the social pandemic, according to celebrity politicians, is advancing out of control as our government appears to be seeking a vaccination against systemic ills. […]

Letter to the Editor: Are we learning anything from protests?

I have really been learning a lot from the protest. So far, I believe that the only persons who have to be responsible for their actions are the police. And a young girl said that she wants to be able to go out and not be stopped for speeding (really). The other thing I learned […]

Letter to the Editor: Safety recommendations for long-term care facilities

Thousands of long-term care facilities in the United States have experienced coronavirus outbreaks, and as a recent article in the Delaware State News notes, Delaware’s own nursing homes aren’t exempt. AARP Delaware is urging its leaders to protect older adults living in long-term care facilities with the following recommendations: A plan to ensure safe staffing […]

Letter to the Editor: Your money or your life?

Dr. John Stapleford’s Commentary on how the shutdown hurts the working poor (“COVID-19 shutdown hurts the working poor,” June 8) seemed to express his great unhappiness. The lockdowns were initiated almost all over the United States, and almost all over the world, to prevent the greater and faster spread of COVID-19. Yes, the shutdowns clobbered […]

Letter to the Editor: Voting by mail is not the way to go

I agree with Dan Cannon and his commentary on the need to get more/all citizens registered to vote. I believe every legal citizen has the duty to vote in elections. Where I differ from him is in the belief that we should open the elections to more absentee ballots. If elections are vital to the […]

Letter to the Editor: Rayshard Brooks, a senseless death

Rayshard Brooks fell asleep in his car while in line at a Wendy’s drive-thru in Atlanta. Police were in the process of arresting him when he attempted to run away. Officer Garrett Rolfe shot him twice in the back. Mr. Brooks died. What could have happened: Officer Rolfe: “In light of what is happening in […]

Letter to the Editor: All one family at CHEER

CHEER is deeply saddened and concerned by the division in our country and the tensions that have escalated as a result. Here in CHEER, we share the feelings of our families, friends and members of the CHEER family – one family made stronger in our commitment to service by our diversity of culture. As a […]