Letter to the Editor: SDARJ thanks local racial justice supporters

The Southern Delaware Alliance for Racial Justice (SDARJ) sincerely thanks local businesses and organizations that contacted us to find out how they could support our proactive initiatives to promote racial justice. These businesses and organizations came forward with generous contributions in the months since the tragic death of George Floyd and the public outcry for […]

Letter to the Editor: Fur babies need TLC as fall begins

The chilly season is upon us, and most of us are looking forward to warm fires, hot chocolate (or tea) and cozy blankets. Curling up on the sofa nestled in soft fleece is a great way to spend a chilly autumn eve. Our furry companions don’t always have those same luxuries, especially those trapped in […]

Letter to the Editor: How Biden can stop the horror

President Donald Trump characterizes himself as the law-and-order president, implying that anyone against him is a Democrat and must be against law and order. I have always accepted that most Americans of both parties are peace-loving, though it does require effective policing. We all want law and order. The question is, what kind of law […]

Letter to the Editor: Where was Biden during pandemic?

Joe Biden is criticizing Donald Trump’s leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is fair to ask, what did Joe do during the worst times of the crisis last spring? Did Joe volunteer in a Food Bank line to distribute food to the hungry and unemployed? Did he help homeless shelters serve food to the poor? […]

Letter to the Editor: Dover councilman supports Ennis for Senate

My observation as a newsman in my first career is that elected officials are either politicians seeking power or statesmen. A statesman or stateswoman places the public’s interest above special interest groups. Sen. Bruce Ennis, D-Smyrna, earned the title of statesman during his long career. That is why it is not surprising that he sponsored […]

Letter to the Editor: Moskowitz, Persinger right choices for Dewey Beach

I am asking for your vote. And if you choose to vote for a second commissioner, vote Gary Persinger. We are first and second on the ballot, so it’s as simple as a one-two punch: Vote to re-elect Commissioners David Moskowitz and Gary Persinger. I have worked with Gary on numerous items these past few […]

Letter to the Editor: Putting the fires out should be the priority

If I were a candidate running for a new job or trying to keep the one I have, I would have every plane and every helicopter in the United States in the air putting out the fires. There are people dying, people who are losing their homes — homes that they have worked all their […]

Letter to the Editor: Reelections needed for Dewey’s financial recovery

Dewey Beach Town Council members Gary Persinger and David Moskowitz have shown excellent leadership in steering Dewey through this dangerous COVID-19 year. They should be reelected to continue their efforts to keep our businesses strong and to carefully manage our budget, so taxes will not need to be raised to cover shortfalls. Dewey elections should […]

Letter to the Editor: Take a good look at Biden’s plans

“A vote for Joe is a vote for stupid.” I saw that on a sign driving back to Dover on U.S. 13. I didn’t think much of it then, but after reading what Joe Biden has on his website and the 110-page Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force recommendations, I am convinced the phrase is correct. Joe’s […]

Commentary: Kings Highway plan preserves vibrance of Lewes

By Joseph A. Pika First impressions matter. As a destination for visitors, Lewes attracts bikers, birders, history buffs and vacationing families to clean beaches, natural riches and a town steeped in history. These same amenities attract retirees, professionals and telecommuters anxious to live in a vibrant community. How do we preserve these qualities and keep […]