Letter to the Editor: Let’s give them California

Finally, Delaware State News has printed a commentary by someone who is warning about BLM and antifa. Then you print an article by the AP praising the black national anthem. What is next will the BLM want their own country carved out of the USA? Let’s give them California, Washington, and Oregon. Andy Andrew Frederica

Commentary: No second-guessing in making decisions with lives at risk

By Frank B. Calio I met with Gov. Sherman Tribbitt in his office shortly after he was elected governor. Since he served the state as lieutenant governor prior to being elected governor, I asked him the question, “How does it feel sitting on the other side of the desk as governor and not as lieutenant […]

Letter to the Editor: Rehoboth Beach chamber wants mask rule rescinded

EDITOR’S NOTE: This letter was sent to the Rehoboth Beach mayor, city commissioners and city manager. On behalf of the Rehoboth Beach-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce board of directors, I write to you today to raise our concerns regarding the mandate to wear masks on public beaches. The board fully understands and appreciates that the […]

Commentary: Wake up, America!

By Hylton Phillips-Page “A Republic, if you can keep it” is how Benjamin Franklin described the type of country they had created after the Constitutional Convention. There has not been a period in my lifetime when this country has been more threatened from within than it is today. The antifa and Black Lives Matter movements […]

Letter to the Editor: You’ve got to hand it to Trump

Good or bad, Trump hangs on. Sometimes, his answers are crass, even brazen. And no, he does not know how to filter his words. But you’ve got to hand it to him. President Trump takes his lumps and keeps on moving. He deserves credit for trying to make America great again and for trying to […]

Commentary: Why ‘Black lives matter’ should matter to you too

By Peter E. Carter Lest you start making assumptions, let me reiterate from an earlier Commentary that I remain an advocate for kinder and gentler. What we have here though is a national and somewhat local movement to call attention to what has been an American reality for at least a century. By the word […]

Commentary: Some questions to ask regarding Flynn’s dropped charges

By Reid K. Beveridge Answer this question if you can, or if you dare: Could it really be that Barack Obama ordered or agreed to launching a counterintelligence investigation into the presidential candidate of a major political party in the belief that the candidate was a Russian agent? Or worse: that the Obama administration actually […]

Letter to the Editor: Liberals trying to push communist ideas

It was nice to see that Mike Apgar survived our initial wave of the COVID-19 virus. I’m sad to see, however, that nothing happened to assuage his delusional hatred (“Hail to Mr. Tough Guy, our divider in chief,” June 17) for a person whose only offense was defeating a lying, traitorous Democrat, Hillary Clinton. I […]

Commentary: Freedom is link between history’s path and judgment

By Dr. Samuel B. Hoff The sudden changes in our political culture which have emanated from recent events have cast a harsh light on many of our revered historical figures, including those who helped to make July Fourth the meaningful day it is. This article examines how this came about, what actions have been taken […]

Speak Out: Wilmington Trust appeals

Attorneys representing former executives for the only financial institution to be criminally charged in connection with the federal bank bailout program have asked a federal appeals court panel to overturn their convictions. Defense attorneys argued Tuesday that prosecutors had failed to prove that the former Wilmington Trust executives deliberately lied to federal regulators about the […]

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