Speak Out: Gun storage bill

The Delaware Senate on Wednesday passed in modified form a bill that would make “unsafe” storage of a firearm a crime. Because senators attached an amendment to it, the measure now goes to the House, which approved it in March. House Bill 63 would expand the existing offense of unlawfully permitting a minor access to […]

Commentary: Remember the unsheltered during Holy Week

As many of us walk with Jesus through Holy Week this week, please remember the unsheltered in our county who carry heavy crosses of exhaustion, of stress, of rejection, of hunger, of homelessness, of the lack of resources and the lack of a place to belong. I believe that in the eyes of our unsheltered […]

Letter to the Editor: Democracy in action

I was glad to hear that Kent and Sussex County high school juniors participated in the Kent County Levy Court’s Youth in Government Day. Exposing students to government processes is an excellent way to introduce them to the plethora of ways they can carry out their civic responsibility. It also serves as a reminder for […]

Letter to the Editor: Kudos to animal rescue groups

Thank you can’t be said enough; nor is it enough, to define or explain the feeling of gratitude to all those who go the extra mile to help abandoned, abused and neglected animals. The task is daunting and overwhelming, but these folks rise to the challenge to get the job done. My heart, and the […]

Scenic Delaware: Changing times?

Legislation announced Monday seeks to avoid Daylight Savings Time by moving Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania one time zone over. The measure would, under certain conditions, shift Delaware from the Eastern to the Atlantic time zone, effectively placing the state in Daylight Savings Time permanently by setting the clocks forward one hour. • They […]

Commentary: Delaware opioid surcharge plan ‘misguided’

The Delaware State Senate voted to approve a surcharge on opioid prescriptions. At first glance, the motive behind the fee seems to be well-intentioned, but the fee is actually a misguided attempt and only further complicates the opioid crisis we are in. I’ve been a pharmacist for seven years and there is nothing I want […]

Letter to the Editor: Trump’s tax returns

To all you folks wondering what President Trump is “hiding” in his tax returns (Russia?, money laundering), you do realize that tax returns are reviewed by IRS agents (U.S. Government officials) with specialized knowledge on how to identify illegal financial shenanigans. If you were truly trying to hide something, I don’t think you would put […]

Letter to the Editor: The right to defend yourself

First, kudos to George Roof for his wise DSN letter of April 9. (“Gun bill turns lawful citizens into criminals”) Now, I’ll set the stage for my diatribe. I am a senior/senior living alone in a single home on acreage in a rural area of Kent County. At 1:15 a.m., April 8 I was awakened […]

Letter to the Editor: Littering in Sussex

Are you fed up with roadside trash in Sussex County? If you’d like to be part of the solution to this problem go to www.sussexcountyde.gov and see the link at the bottom of the homepage entitled, Request for Litter Clean Up. From there you can report roadsides that need cleaning. If you do not have […]

Speak Out: State workers’ pay

Delaware Tech President Mark Brainard topped tens of thousands of state employees last year by being paid close to $267,000, the highest total among those employed by the First State. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average Delawarean made an annual salary of $53,320 as of May. Data from the Delaware Office […]