Speak Out: Wilmington Trust appeals

Attorneys representing former executives for the only financial institution to be criminally charged in connection with the federal bank bailout program have asked a federal appeals court panel to overturn their convictions. Defense attorneys argued Tuesday that prosecutors had failed to prove that the former Wilmington Trust executives deliberately lied to federal regulators about the […]

Speak Out: Face masks, hybrid schooling discussed

Conversations spanning children wearing face masks, managing athletics and keeping hybrid schooling possibilities equitable continued as the reopening schools working groups wrapped up their third week of discussions. • Anyone know how you have hybrid schooling for kindergartners who can’t read or use a computer? —‒ Chris Henry • Chris Henry: A very real issue. […]

Speak Out: Voting by mail

Meeting virtually for the third time in its august history, the Delaware House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation expanding voting by mail for the remainder of 2020 due to COVID. By a 25-13 tally, with two not voting and one absent, lawmakers opted to codify and grow vote-by-mail provisions put in place by Gov. […]

Speak Out: Extending protections in state of emergency

Democratic lawmakers filed several bills last week that would extend provisions of the state of emergency imposed by the governor in March. The bills deal with voting by mail, telemedicine and outdoor restaurant seating capacity. House Bill 346 would allow all eligible voters to cast ballots by mail for any election this year, expanding the […]

Speak Out: Arrest made in memorial damage

A 42-year-old Camden man was arrested Friday night after investigation into damage to the Delaware Law Enforcement Memorial earlier in the day, Dover Police said in a news release. Kyle Bullock was taken into custody without incident by Delaware State Police at his home, authorities said. • Very glad they have arrested someone for this. […]

Speak Out: Justice For All Agenda

A diverse, wide-ranging group of statewide leaders banded together on the General Assembly steps last week, vowing to increase law enforcement’s accountability while eradicating police brutality, systemic racial injustice and more. “This is a time for everyone from D.C. to Dover, all throughout the nation to be working together and it’s unfortunate that … George […]

Speak Out: Dover mayor says curfew is ‘voluntary’

The curfew and state of emergency that have been put in place by Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen on the city of Dover is not expected to be lifted anytime soon. The orders were set by the mayor on May 31, a day after peaceful protesting in Dover during the daytime turned volatile that night, with […]

Speak Out: Trump threatens military force

President Donald Trump threatened on Monday to deploy the United States military unless states quickly halted the violent protests that have convulsed cities from coast to coast. Minutes before President Trump began speaking, police and National Guard soldiers began aggressively forcing back hundreds of peaceful protesters who had gathered in Lafayette Park, across the street […]

Speak out: Gov. Carney issues guidance on summer camp, summer school

WILMINGTON — As Delaware continues a rolling reopening of the state, Gov. John Carney released guidance for summer camps and summer school recently. Recreational camps must develop a written plan for enforcing social distancing, frequent hand-washing and other basic public health precautions, according to a news release. Summer camps and summer school programs will be […]

Speak Out: Delaware lifting bans Monday

Gov. John Carney on Tuesday announced the state will lift the stay-at-home order June 1, although Delawareans are still encouraged not to venture out unnecessarily. June 1 will see more than its fair share of changes: In addition to a previously announced reopening of many businesses, that day will also mark the end of the […]

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