MERR Institute reminds public about seals on beaches

LEWES — The MERR Institute reminds the public to watch for seals present along Delaware beaches and other waterways through April. It is common at this time of the year to see seals on area beaches, docks, and other locations where they can get out of the water to rest. Delaware sees four different species […]

Delaware City awarded $150,000 for restoration work

DOVER — The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control has awarded $150,000 to Delaware City to be used to improve recreational facilities, study and develop a plan to improve energy consumption, and develop rain gardens and bio swales at the city’s community center. The funds will help Delaware City pave its Community Center parking […]

Typical winter fishing despite ‘Janu-summer’ temps

We are in that stretch of winter, the one that gives us warm summerlike days. Janu-summer just happened this past weekend. Now, this weekend it appears we are looking at arcticlike weather — nice transition. I have to look out the window each day now to see what season we are doing. Last weekend was […]

Winter a time for critters on the beach

Happy New Year everybody! So far it has been a productive year, I mean we are only a week plus in but hey you have to be optimistic. After all it is January, the weather is wacky as usual, and we just want to fish or hunt. Between outdoor show organizing and fishery meetings I […]

Striped bass off being caught off Delaware’s coast

Winter is supposed to be the slow time of year. Everything kind of freezes, but that part of winter isn’t here yet. That is usually about mid-January when the fishing all but shuts down and it just gets cold, and you’re tired of it being gloomy. The winter doldrums. We rearrange our gear, man caves, […]

Hunting or exploring, walking the woods in snow is peaceful

First real snow of the season! Anyone as excited as I am or not at all? I love snow, I mean if it is going to be cold we could at least have snow and not rain. Walking the woods in the snow is very peaceful whether you are hunting or just exploring. The beaches […]

Boats are going offshore for sea bass and doing well

Winter fishing is in full effect for the most part, you sure aren’t going to find any summer fish still hanging around. Maybe the occasional summer flounder but they are usually caught trolling stretches in the ocean for migratory striped bass. That is one thing no one is doing in our waters yet. The migratory […]

It’s been quiet in the surf aside from short striped bass

Sorry I missed you all last week. I have been dealing with a myriad of fishery meetings both state and federal, wind farm and state park meetings, outdoor show organizing, surf fishing tournament preparations, and rebuilding the manufacturing facility for DS Custom Tackle. Somewhere in between all of that I get to go fishing, and […]

Cold temps: Anglers don’t like it but hunters should be happy

Wasn’t enough snow to go car hooding but enough to keep many of us indoors. I am not ready for this weather, I have plenty of gear for the cold, I just don’t want to wear it all right now. I know the fish don’t care but boy oh boy the anglers do, there are […]

Tautog action for keeper fish is picking up at the inlets

Getting colder and now the days are officially shorter, thanks to daylight savings time. That initial shock of it being dark much earlier always throws us off, good thing Mother Nature doesn’t turn back her clocks, just ask my dog. The only advantage is it is lighter by the time on my clock when we […]