It’s rough but if you put in the time you can still catch fish

Fishing anywhere the past week has been nautical as far as conditions. Boats can’t go out in these rough seas. It has been land based fishing or nothing. Even fishing from land has been difficult. The tide has been up more than normal for the past two weeks. Now we have a nor’eater like storm […]

Pompano catches have been frequent and some are huge

Fall, summer, fall, summer, good times with the weather. Now we have king tides here and low tide is next to nonexistent. There is high tide and higher tide. With a new moon and Hurricane Lorenzo storm surge it has been a wet week on the beaches and waterways. Daily small craft advisories are keeping […]

There’s still a lot of fun action in short striped bass

Welcome to fall, loving those 90-degree days! It is much cooler now, beautiful at night, and dropping water temperatures. Anglers reminisce of days gone by of fall striped bass runs. The back-in-the-day stories get better every year. Some think this will be the year … “this will be the year they come in close to […]

Fishing’s still OK after Hurricane Dorian’s storm surge

Hurricane Dorian’s storm surge was a little rough, ate some beaches up a tad, but the fishing was not too bad. From land, boats were not going out in that slop. The beaches survived, are a lot flatter with wide surf. They look like Assateague and New Jersey beaches. Something many of us surf anglers […]

Hinkle in spotlight with 2nd White Marlin Open victory

August has been decent weather so far, not too hot, some cool nights. Makes for better fishing conditions. The waters are holding temperatures. We had an upwelling last week that cooled the water off along the coast. Nice to see an August that doesn’t produce bathtub water conditions in the back bays and creeks. History […]

Surf fishing this year is the best we’ve seen in some time

The water temperatures are still on point. Masseys Ditch is reading an 8-degree fluctuation between tides. Topping out at 78 degrees at low tide and as low as 70 degrees on the high tide. That has been the temperature around the inland bays for the past week. The upwelling helped keep the waters cool around […]

Summer fishing’s great but we’re ready for the point soon

Is it August already? Looking forward to fishing at the point in four weeks. That day is a like a holiday for us, some take off work just to be the first out there to fish the point. Summer fishing has been great this year. The surf is full of a variety of fish. Offshore […]

It’s a boiler out there but fishing’s still pretty good

Well it has been one boiler of a week here on the fringes of Satan’s kitchen. It is hot, but we are fishing anyway. Being near the water helps with the temperatures, especially if it is an east wind. If there is a W in any of the wind directions expect the flies to be […]

Summer fishing in the surf has been excellent so far

The air was hot and the fishing was as well. Last week anglers were bailing fish all day from the surf. Well mostly everyone out there, it never fails, there is always someone not catching, but at least they are fishing. This has been the best summer in the surf we have had so far […]

Happy Fourth: Having a grand time fishing at the beach

Happy Fourth of July. Have a safe holiday week. It has been a blast so far. We are catching fish and having a grand time at the beach. The flies are having a lot of fun as well on those west wind days. If the wind direction has a ‘W’ in it be prepared. This […]