Weather and crowds make it harder but fishing’s still decent

Despite the wacky weather fishing has been decent some days and not so much others. The weekends have seen the worst fishing, most likely due to the crowds. That is mostly for the surf and bay fishing. Offshore anglers are doing well, especially on the tuna bite. The offshore bite for yellow fin has been […]

Nice temperatures as we reach the swing of summer fishing

Just like that we are in the swing of summer fishing. The air temperatures have been great at night to help keep the water temperatures down. We are still “spring” fishing in summer. The inland bays haven’t peaked over 74 degrees all week. The fishing has been decent for this time of year, even the […]

From spring bluefish madness to melee of summer fish

Summer is in full swing! The weekends have been crowded but if you know how to fish the crowds you can do well. The easiest and best time is to fish when everyone else is still asleep. Predawn hours or after dark into predawn hours is a great time to look for striped bass in […]

Fish aren’t as dumb as you think: the less commotion the better

Well that is another Memorial Day weekend in the books, and it was eventful. Every holiday weekend is eventful but the first one always makes for some chaos. This was probably one of the busiest Memorial Day weekends we have ever seen in Sussex County, the beaches were packed, the parks were closing early full […]

Water temperature’s rising and so is the bluefish action

The weather is awesome. Well, it hasn’t rained in a few days so there is that. The pollen has been miserable. Check on your friends with allergies, we are not OK. Every rain the roads and puddles turn yellow. The water temperatures are rising slowly thanks to cool nights and warm days, as well as […]

State’s 2018-19 deer harvest 2nd best of all time

DOVER — The total amount of deer “harvested” in Delaware’s 2018/19 hunting season, 14,883, is topped only by last season’s total of 15,304, according to DNREC. Managers with the agency note that this season’s total would likely have been even higher were it not for inclement weather during the first few days of the November […]

Delmarva Expo was amazing and surf tourney is this weekend

Welcome to May gang! The fishing is off the hook, the Delmarva Outdoors Expo was amazing, and the May The Fish Be With You surf fishing tournament is this weekend. DSF has the best tournaments! They have their own beer for this tourney compliments of Iron Hill Brewery, when you get your own beer you […]

Outdoors: Spring fishing off to exciting start

The fishing is really going off this spring, much better than the last few years. Mostly because everything is starting early. We are seeing some fish that are way too early and one fish in particular that has yet to show up. Everyone wants to know where the big bluefish are, and many of us […]

Fishing keeps getting better; food showing up for striped bass

Fishing this spring has been getting better and better. Location and tide has been important in some cases, but for the most part if you get out and fish you will more than likely catch. There is always the possibility of the skunk, and that has also happened. It is called fishing not catching, right? […]

Short striped bass action is hot; pick a beach and do some fishing

Second spring has arrived followed by second winter, which only lasts a couple days but you have to love it. Nothing like old man winter trying to come back into the room yelling “and another thing!” The fish don’t care but the temperature drops do slow the bite down a bit as well as the […]