Spring has arrived and the fishing is picking up

Welcome to spring and it couldn’t have gotten here any sooner, now slow it down so we don’t have a quick summer. Fishing is picking up, the peeper frogs are working overtime in the field puddle ponds. Hope the eggs make it before the puddles dry up. The seasonal bait shops are all opening on […]

Osprey sightings a sure sign that spring is around the corner

You don’t have to listen too hard to hear the sounds of spring. The staccato of peepers in the woods and fields around my house is deafening at night, they are even amped up during the day. There is so much water everywhere I have peepers in places I didn’t think they would exist. Great […]

It’s still winter but fishing is starting to pick up

The winter doldrums are still in full effect, but the fishing is finally picking back up for this time of year. Granted it isn’t the beast mode of the bluefish and and almost nonexistent spring striped bass run, but it is still fun catching. At least the spring run of bass gives us better hope […]

Spring’s on the horizon: Point closing, park fees begin

A few signs of spring are here, some we like and some we do not. The first being the point closing on March First, but everyone knows that happens. Delaware state parks’ fees go into effect on March First as well, time to pay to play. Only if you want to drive your car into […]

Waiting for spring is hard but there’s some action out there

Is it second or third winter yet, first spring maybe? I have lost track. Wearing boots and flip-flops only days apart can really throw you off and just increases that cabin fever. If I rearrange my tackle one more time I am going to lose it. One thing that is a saving grace with the […]

Safety alert: Air may be warmer but the water isn’t

The snow melts and we get a nice reminder of spring, in February. It has been beautiful outside, but there is still ice on the water in some areas. The higher temperatures are allowing people to get outside and shake off a little of that winter cabin fever. If you are venturing on the water, […]

It’s cold but spring will be here before you know it

Is it just me or has this been the longest January ever? Cold days to colder days, now we have possible snow, heavy winds, and arctic temperatures. I just want to sit on a warm beach and fish. Boats heading out of Lewes, Indian River, and Ocean City still fishing are doing well on double […]

Winter is a good time to clean up the gear, grease the reels

The hardest part about writing an outdoors column in the winter is doing stuff in the actual outdoors. The last week has been brutal out there, I mean way beyond the air hurting your face cold. I saw a guy fishing the inlet the other day, more power to you buddy. The water was an […]

Oyster beds producing well; crab harvesting looks promising

Winter, we all hate it but some love it, it depends on what you prefer. The first snow of 2019 brought me enough to break out the 4-wheelers and car hoods, wooo hooo all day long. It was fun but we would rather be fishing. One thing that occurs in the winter months are updates […]

Wintertime activities: watch a lunar eclipse and stargaze

Winter shows up, then we get the spring teaser. It is not pitch black dark at 5 anymore, days are getting a tad longer, so there is some good news. We have the Super Blood Wolf moon on deck, a total lunar eclipse coming up soon, very cool to see. Get ready for that on […]