Striped bass activity is increasing in our area

Over the last few days striped bass have been moving up the Delaware Bay into the Delaware River. These are most likely resident fish, but they are females full of eggs, and big. No one has seen any sea lice on them, which is a good sign to identify ocean striped bass. The Nanticoke River […]

Rat wrangling fun: Catching small short bass in the surf

This time last year we were rat wrangling in the surf, which is catching small short bass one after another in the surf. It is fun and we coined the term one afternoon, because when we all start joking in the surf. You never know what is going to come out of our mouths. You […]

The big questions: Where are the fish and when do they arrive?

So I decided to do a little something different this week. Everyone is constantly asking this time of year, where are the fish and when will they get here? We all know the striped bass are schooling up and feeding, and white perch are heavy in the mix. The fish everyone wants to know about […]

Fishing’s tricky in storms but they always eat

We keep hopping from one nor’easter storm to the next, and that wind. Heavy snow up north is affecting shad fishing in the Delaware River. The recent rains swelled up creeks and made fishing a little tricky, but if you put in the time you could catch. Fish will eat in a storm, you just […]

A taste of outdoor life: Delaware Expo returns to Harrington

The second annual Delaware Outdoor Expo, presented by the Delaware State News, returned to the Delaware State Fairgrounds on Saturday from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. There were close to 50 exhibitors on hand inside the Dover Building at the Delaware Outdoor Expo, showing off the newest in gear and information whether a person enjoys […]

A taste of outdoor life: Delaware Expo returns to Harrington Saturday

HARRINGTON — Residents of Delaware got to enjoy a couple of 70-degree plus days in February before a pair of March nor’easters reminded them that it’s not quite springtime yet. It’s those scattered warm and hopeful days that make outdoorsmen and women yearn for activities such as fishing, camping, boating and other pursuits. They’ll get […]

Resident striped bass picking up following February warmup

Fishing is and has been picking up for resident striped bass. That February warmup got them all excited. Anglers are catching short striped bass in all the tidal creeks and along the Delaware bay beaches. Some are catching the occasional keeper striped bass averaging 30 inches. We have seen some, but very few bass in […]

Early spring offers keepers and peepers

February spring has been a blast in the outdoors. The fish are getting excited and feeding, flowers are even popping up. If we didn’t know it was the beginning of March, you would swear that spring has already started. That will change with the weather this weekend due to heavy winds and colder temperatures, but […]

Delaware Outdoor Expo event features exhibits and giveaways

HARRINGTON — With close to 50 exhibitors, the Delaware Outdoor Expo offers something for every outdoor enthusiast. This event is returning to the Delaware State Fairgrounds in Harrington 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 10. The expo will include a variety of outdoor exhibits for those interested in hunting, fishing, hiking and more. The […]

Water temps, anticipation on the rise

It is February spring, again. It doesn’t last long but it allows us to get out and fish. Water temperatures are key this time of year. If the water is too cold the fish get real sluggish and will barely feed. When the water warms up above 44 degrees or so, the fish get real […]