Scenic Delaware: Snowy scene

LuAnne Shockley of Harrington took this photo in Harrington on Jan. 16.

Scenic Delaware: Horsin’ around

Gary Knox of Dover took this photo in the parking lot of A.C. Moore in Dover on Dec. 19.

Scenic Delaware: In memoriam

Dan Laughman of Magnolia took this photo of the Delaware Volunteer Firefighters Memorial on The Green in Dover on Feb. 1.

Scenic Delaware: Sunrise at Port Mahon

Stephanie Seeman of Dover took this photo of the sunrise at Port Mahon on Jan. 1.

Scenic Delaware: Dock of the bay

Dave Tally of Camden took this photo in Bowers Beach on Jan. 6.

Scenic Delaware: Just ducky

Patricia Sterling of Wyoming took this photo on a snowy Friday morning at Silver Lake in Dover.

Scenic Delaware: Serene scene

Linda Deaton of Dover took this photo on Sharon Hill Road in Dover on Jan. 20.

Scenic Delaware: Watercolor sky

Betsy Schrack of Dover took this photo in Dover on Jan. 22.

Scenic Delaware: Snowy scene

Kenneth Bowen of Dover took this photo at the corner of State and Water streets in Dover on Jan. 13.

Scenic Delaware: Bombay Hook sunset

Leslie Barton from Milwaukie, Oregon took this photo on the road to Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge on Dec. 30.