Linda Deaton of Dover submitted this photo of fireworks over Legislative Mall in Dover Wednesday during Fourth of July festivities.

Mourning dove in Milford

Arthur Weidner of Milford took this photo of a mourning dove in his yard on June 6.

Patriotic sunset

Stu Handler of Dover took this picture at sunset in front of his home on June 11.

Catching some rays

George Ward of Milton took this picture of a turtle sunning itself in a pond in Milton on June 5.


Larry Kirksey of Millsboro took this picture of fireworks over Cupola Park in Millsboro on June 30.

Massey Mill Pond

Denise M. Lowman of Smyrna took this photo at Massey Mill Pond just outside of Clayton on May 1.

High sky in Milford

Pat Thompson of Dover took this picture in Milford on May 19.

Triple play

Collette McCulley of Dover took this photo of three mallard drakes sunning themselves on the St Jones River on May 15.

Snap to it

Thirteen-year-old Weston Williams of Felton took this picture of a snapping turtle in his grandparents’ yard in Canterbury on May 31.

Bunny in the clover

eorge H. Houck IV of Felton took this photo of a baby bunny in the clover in Felton.