Johnson’s win may deliver Brexit but could risk UK’s breakup

LONDON — Leaving the European Union is not the only split British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to worry about. Johnson’s commanding election victory this week may let him fulfill his campaign promise to “get Brexit done,” but it could also imperil the future of the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. […]

Johnson claims Brexit mandate with new conservative majority

LONDON — Boris Johnson’s gamble on early elections paid off as voters gave the UK prime minister a commanding majority to take the country out of the European Union by the end of January, a decisive result after more than three years of stalemate over Brexit. Johnson’s promise to “get Brexit done’’ and widespread unease […]

Trump says US, China have reached deal; Sunday tariffs off

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump said Friday that the U.S. has canceled plans to impose new tariffs on $160 billion worth of Chinese imports Sunday as part of a modest interim agreement that de-escalates a 17-month trade war between the world’s two biggest economies. The United States is also reducing existing import taxes on […]

New Zealand recovers 6 bodies days after volcanic eruption

WHAKATANE, New Zealand — Military specialists on Friday recovered six bodies from a small island near New Zealand days after an eruption claimed at least eight other lives and left behind a toxic and volatile landscape. A team of eight specialists wearing protective clothing and using breathing apparatuses got to White Island by helicopter and […]

UK voters choose a new government to resolve Brexit impasse

LONDON — Britons who have endured more than three years of wrangling over their country’s messy divorce from the European Union cast ballots Thursday in an election billed as a way out of the Brexit stalemate in the deeply divided nation. On a dank, gray day in most of the country, voters went to polling […]

Baghdad mob kills teen gunman and strings up his corpse

BAGHDAD — An angry mob killed a 16-year-old and strung up the corpse by its feet from a traffic pole after the teen shot and killed six people Thursday, including four anti-government protesters, Iraqi officials said. Dozens of people pointed their cellphones at the body dangling high above them in a central Baghdad square. Videos […]

Leaders scramble for final votes as UK’s ugly election ends

LONDON — Britain’s election has been like the country’s late-autumn weather: chilly and dull, with blustery outbursts. On the last day of the campaign, political leaders dashed around the U.K. on Wednesday trying to win over millions of undecided voters who will likely determine the outcome. Opinion polls suggest Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have […]

Israel to hold third straight election, prolonging stalemate

JERUSALEM — Israel’s deadlocked parliament on Wednesday failed to meet a midnight deadline to form a coalition government, triggering an unprecedented third election in a 12-month period while giving scandal-plagued Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a welcome break as he fights to save his political career. The move prolongs a year-long political stalemate that has paralyzed […]

Climate activist Greta Thunberg is Time ‘person of the year’

NEW YORK — Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was named Time’s “person of the year” Wednesday, becoming at age 16 the youngest person to whom the U.S. magazine has given the title. Thunberg emerged as the face of the youth climate movement after she started skipping school once a week to protest outside her country’s […]

Russia doping saga likely heads back to Switzerland’s courts

GENEVA — Sports punishments imposed on Russia this week closed one big body of work for the World Anti-Doping Agency. Now, the sports lawyers can enter the field — yet again, in a doping scandal that has raged since 2014. A Russian legal challenge seems certain after Russia’s anti-doping agency was suspended by the global […]